Copyright Claim Dropped!

Breaking News. YouTube and Google have bowed down before the crack(ed) TotalDrama legal team of Howdowe, Forgettem and Dumb and dropped the copyright claim of Robert Ballecer.

The #truth is once again free!

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In sad news @TotalDramatist has been suspended. Perhaps there is some insider twitter trading going on?

The fight continues.

26 thoughts on “Copyright Claim Dropped!”

    1. Can’t be for lack of mammaries.

      Personally, I found the Teacher – pet thing Bobby and Shannon were thrust into rather distasteful. Why would you cast Shannon as a damsel in distress? Why would you cast anyone in that role in the year twothousandfourteen?

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  1. Padre was jealous that the only reason any one watched coding 101 was for snubs b00bs.

    Twit will not admit that Padre equals less viewers and Snubs equals more viewers.

    Unattractive people like leo/padre/jarvis doing video podcasting can’t grow twit beyond a small network . If every one on camera at twit looks and acts like trolls the good ship twit is doomed.

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    1. >Unattractive people like leo/padre/jarvis doing video podcasting can’t grow twit beyond a small network .

      I feel it’s the opposite. YouTube and social media is full of video-genic people who look like they’ve just fallen out of an Apple advert. It is incredibly boring to watch people who are in large part chosen for their physical appearance rather than their knowledge or acumen.

      You can always appeal to the lowest common denominator, intellectual bottom feeders, by using physical attractiveness and that can take you so far – but if you want to create something special you need a lot more than good looks.

      The shows I like best on the network are FLOSS Weekly , Security Now, Coding 101, and TWiET. Don’t think those shows rely on bimbos or himbos.

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      1. twit does not use floss software.

        What’s the name of the open source video conferencing soft ware that FLOSS and TWIT? Or the name of the open source video editing soft ware that FLOSS and twit uses?

        Padre/ TWiET is bs. Padre is a mark for windows. He doesn’t like linux as a desktop or a OS. A network guy that doesn’t get linux is useless.

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        1. “A network guy that doesn’t get linux is useless.”

          By “get” do you mean embrace or just aware of? You don’t need to love Linux to understand networking. Might help you understand the IP stack a bit more since Linux bares all the uglies while all the GUI’ OS’s pretty it all up. But nobody needs to love Linux or Open Source to get networking.

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    2. You are an idiot. I see attractive people as being less authoritative since the only reason they are on cam is because they’re attractive.

      I think Padre is the best thing that has happened to Twit. He’s knowledgeable and entertaining. He knows more than Leo that’s for sure.

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      1. “He’s knowledgeable and entertaining. He knows more than Leo that’s for sure.”

        …and if you saw any of TWIT last week you know he’s gone in about a year. He’s on loan from Pope Frank then he’s gone.

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  2. Boobs really? I think she’s really smart. If fact more so than I am.
    Shes a very attractive, well spoken, and educated woman.

    I take umbrage with your assesment sir and therefore demand a retraction.

    She is easier to watch than a couple of guys that wear shirts two sizes too small. Congrats to TDs legal dept.

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    1. Leo’s last stand “Battle of the Bulge” fund raising operation will be to sell the bricks back to the donors and, of course, Lisa will oversee their removal using one of her prior construction companies ….

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    1. I tend to agree. I thought Coding1o1 (using the letter ‘o’ as Padre verbally references his own show even though the distinction between zero and letter o is obvious in general use and wouldn’t work at all in actual code writing) had great potential and Shannon Morse was a part of that, her genuine enthusiasm was a big plus. But Coding 1o1 seems to be going down the same path as TWIT itself, a really engaging start that fades off into mediocrity.

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  3. I don’t get why they’re coming after twitter accounts. Is anyone’s life being threatened? Is it considered Bullying? Can you bully a podcast network?

    Why would Twitter defend TWIT’s honor when Leo himself calls Twitter a “cesspool” and constantly says he hates it.

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  4. The only one left on that network i actually listen to is steve gibson sadly the ads on his show have gotten longer ,Leo giving 3-4 minutes to plug some dinky sponsor at least three times during the show

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    1. Lets be real here, unless you’re really into Steve’s peculiar style of lecturing (or enjoy the awkward pauses when the host of the show, if called upon, has to hobble his ample waist back into his office because he can’t be bothered to do his hosting duties without running around the studio and distracting himself), the same information could be gained quicker and more concise from other sources.

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