To the douchebag commenters

Hey, assholes in the comments section who think the writers on this blog have no life: WE ADORE HATE-WATCHING THIS SHIT.

We can't get enough of the shit on TWiT.
We can’t get enough of the shit on TWiT.

Don’t you get it? This is fun for us. We don’t live in the basement and we have real lives. Just part of our real lives involves us making fun of ridiculous shit that happens on TWiT.

So repeat this to yourselves: If it’s on TWiT…it’s shit.

UPDATE: With the entrance of “Pope Francis” as a commenter, love has entered my heart and I wish to amend my above statement to say: “I welcome one and all to this lovely hatefest. Perhaps we could think of parts of this blog as more like E’s television’s ‘Fashion Police’ show but for TWiT. You know, where Kathy Griffin sits around and rips apart what the Hollywood stars are wearing to the award shows. But this time, it’s just TotalDrama remarking on what fresh garbage Leo ‘n’ Lisa have decided to dress their horrendous network in.”

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  1. I actually think the growing number of pro-TWiT commenters is a badge of honor for #TD.

    It proves that foks in the Brickhouse are paying attention — and are worried that the truth we speak and the hypocrisy we expose is beginning to have an effect.

    Indeed, there are now lengthy and active threads devoted to this very same subject — TWiT’s lies and the lying liars who tell them — on the mainstream and well-respected websites and

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    1. How do you know it’s for TWiT, where’s evidence?

      But this contradiction caught me:

      Self-starter and multi-tasker who can manage simultaneous projects.
      Adherence to daily schedules, with an unfailing attention to detail.

      SELF STARTERS DONT ADHERE TO SCHEDULES ON PURPOSE, that is the PURPOSE of wanting a SELF STARTER. They. Make. Their. Own. Schedules.
      Maybe they meant Selfie Starter….

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      1. SF Bay Area>North Bay

        New Media company. They like to pretend they’re new media. Assist President and CEO in developing new shows. That’s lisa. Because she’s brilliant at developing new shows.

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        1. What they do not get, is that it is US, the audience that they are trying and miserably failing to please. They simply do not know what a good show is, or what the audience wants. This was very apparent at the time of Erik L’s firing. As much as the audience clamored for more Erik and support of his show, it fell on deaf ears. Instead today we get Marketing Mavericks, or a Travel Show. WTF? It’s ad driven content. It doesn’t work. It’s spam.

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          1. So why do you watch, and spend time talking about TWiT?

            You know there are thousands of great podcasts out there.

            Why do you stay fixated on the ones you don’t like?

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          2. You! Who conquered the Aztec Empire, raped half the women in Mexico, spread venereal disease throughout the western hemisphere (with CC) and slaughtered Montezuma, (hence his revenge in food trucks all over Calif) – How do you have the audacity to criticize! We know your first name is Hernan and NOT Jason! – dude stop taking the bait, you silly goose

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          3. So why do you spend time commenting on

            You know there are thousands of great websites out there.

            Why do you stay fixated on the ones you don’t like?

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    2. That is definitely TWiT. The vocabulary matches. They “launch” shows. Lots of silly words “impeccable” organization, “adherence” to schedule, “unfailing” attention to detail, etc. The CEO mentions her title in the ad.

      They ask for the moon and offer nothing in return, 2 years experience means a 23 year old to run the place.

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      1. Good analysis Mr. Yes. For sure Leo added ‘unfailing ‘ , he likes to think his Yale education (one semester) taught him to speak like the ‘o’l boys down at the country club’. Sorry Leo, the one thing money can’t buy, is class, and yours is failing. Obviously CeHO had to mention herself, because it’s all about her being the boss, isn’t it. My god that is one sick toxic place to work. It’s no wonder people are leaving that place in droves.

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  2. Would it be in deliciously bad taste to say that the firings of Golden, Lanigan, and Merritt were just three beheadings in a Kentzel Jihad against the TWiT Army? It would? Thank you very much.

    Anyone heard from Dane and Tom recently?

    Just askin’ and best regards.

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  3. It’s called celibacy and being financially and environmentally responsible, dude. If only Léo had taken this noble option, he wouldn’t be living in an apartment in the shadow of two broken homes.

    Motherhood and basements a bad thing? These are the “ideas” of a cynical age. Where would we be without motherhood? Nowhere! Mankind, I dare say, owes everything to motherhood. Basements too, for, despite the antiquated stereotypes so vulgarly clung to by those wishing to besmirch these marvels of utility and comfort, the vast majority of basements are fully finished and indeed offer more pleasant living conditions than the rest of the house in many cases. Badmouthing the basement is disgraceful. Such cruel bias based on altitude has no place in an enlightened forum!

    Being single is no shame. It is no failure. In fact, the choice, yes CHOICE to take the virtuous road of independence from the dubious charms of modern women is worthy of the highest praise and respect. There is nothing our feminist society hates more than a man living free. A man with the time to think clearly about great issues. A man with the focus and clarity to fully reflect upon the tragic errors of people like Léo who, being helpless slaves to bodily desires, blindly rush into relationships. A man who can learn valuable lessons from the SCANDAL of this relationship’s shocking exposure to a global audience expecting a family friendly discussion about Google.

    Oh, we virgins in basements have time. All the time in the world. Must be threatening to realize that with every second that passes, we are growing in power. Becoming more informed. Breaking free from false, tricksy people we once loved and trusted. Spearheading a glorious revolution leveraging the power of cyberspace to forge our own community of brotherhood and equality. A community of tolerance, acceptance, and TRUTH where all gentlemen of good humor are welcome.

    (Puts on sunglasses, flies away like Neo)

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  4. I’d thought you’d be stronger than this, I thought you wouldn’t fall for this but I guess that your emotional hatrid is stronger than your reasoning skills.

    First you fall for an obvious frame job and now you’re pissed off by comments telling you they do this because you have no lives. It’s obvious TWIT is trying to kill you yet you let them, why? This isn’t like you’re fighting Wal-Mart, you’re fighting a media organization and trying to present change. You think you’re some sort of gang, you think you’re some sort of evil organization?

    You’re just a bunch of frustrated fans, you have every justification to be angry but don’t take that anger out on me, don’t go talking to t2t2 about the things I supposedly did; that just plays you into Leo’s hands and makes you look like the evil-doers which you are not.

    Here’s my story. There is an email conversation between HelloWorld & Leo that features my name and I’m trying to get the email to sue Leo for defamation; I emailed Leo, he told me he didn’t send any emails, I forwarded it to him but I haven’t heard any response. I’m trying to prove my innocence; I don’t know why they haven’t told you this but that’s what I’ve been told.

    I’m being forced into drinking the Kool-Aid but you know what, I won’t drink it. I’m not accepting being forced in a corner by things I didn’t even do. I’m standing by that statement, I didn’t do it and I will continue to exist to say that, after all; free speech is valuable.

    For the love of fuck, please send those emails. If you think that hate watching Leo is fun enough that you won’t send those emails then well… I pity you, I just want to prove that truth prevails and lies do not. If you’re just going to hide like you did the last time then you’re bringing shame to the human race because no man should be closeted because of me. A MAN WITH ZERO INFLUENCE AND ZERO MONEY AND NOTHING TO GAIN.

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    1. What do you have to say about your email Sunday to Leo starting off telling him how much his twitter follow means to you, you sycophantic turd? All you want from Leo is his praise and affection and you want to date his daughter that has no interest in you. You don’t care about #drama. You would set #drama on fire if it would get you at Leo’s table for dinner.

      Crawl back in the hole you came from.

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      1. I know it’s you HelloWorld; why don’t you post videos instead of letting me get in your way because this is pissing me off even further.

        All I know is that you are setting your own asses on fire; sure, there was a time I was committed to #drama but all this just because I went to a New Year’s Party; I risked everything just to gain info for you guys and what do I get? This. You think I would constantly obsess on his praise and admiration, you think I would drop everything just so I can get it on with Abby. You are sorely mistaken.

        And you are also sorely mistaken if I would set anything on fire for the benefit of going to a dinner that ultimately has no fucking benefit whatsoever. You people clearly have too much privilege and too much wealth.

        One things for sure, I do not know what to do; you don’t listen, you don’t read and you sure as hell want Leo around so you can have something to justify your hate on.

        If you think I’m the menace that I am, go ahead… post those emails, showcase me as the rat/snitch/info dropper that I am because if you don’t, then this is a low way of telling me that “I’m not allowed to be one of you guys”.

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        1. I notice you didn’t respond to the specific question about the email you sent Sunday with the subject “An email request”. I wonder why…

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          1. What do you want me to be like. “Give me the emails”, I was being polite for the sole purpose of gaining evidence; I’m not going to be rude okay. I wanted to thank him for recognizing me after 6 years of doing this.

            And I suppose that the email got leaked in chat. That’s what I get for trying to prove my innocence and trying to get my life back on track. What about you, what about those emails that said I leaked info that was shared with the chat? You have not done anything to showcase my supposed “guilt” and I fear that you may have destroyed said emails.

            After all, why should I be the person supporting and Frogpants and all the other stuff just because you can’t deal with me. Why not force him on TWiT; after all, he fits in with those kind of people more than the people who are making an effort.

            If you want to question my dicksucking go ahead, I told you my position and you have not provided any answers at all.

            I suppose the next questions out of your mouth will be… “What about the comment about the video & why do you need the praise from Leo?”

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  5. >>>>Don’t you get it? This is fun for us. <<<<

    The previous post said it was about right and wrong, that the purpose of this blog is to save the world from Leo that horrible person.

    Now you're saying that it's entertaining.

    If it's entertaining, then why don't you kiss Leo's feet for providing you with your favorite source of entertainment, instead of biting at his ankles like a creepy stalker?


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  6. Also: Why don’t you have the balls to reveal yourself instead of hiding behind anonymity like a cowardly pussy?

    People who are critics or entertained fans or hate-watchers comment publicly using their real names.

    Trolls take potshots while hiding under pseudonyms.

    So if you’re not a troll, reveal your real name.

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    1. I’m not a troll and I love this site. hatrid, still isn’t a word. My dislike of the chat mods makes this place fun, you can say what you think in here. I rarely say anything in twit chat, because unless you’re a sycophant, you get kicked.

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    1. Yes – Molly is correct – don’t watch, also delete your feeds & auto downloads – this is a metric advertisers employ to detetmine, in part, what they may pay TWIT. If you enjoy certain shows, watch them – I think you also have the right to criticize and behave like a schizophrenic (that’s my opinion certainly not Molly’s)

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  7. You! Who conquered the Aztec Empire, raped half the women in Mexico, spread venereal disease throughout the western hemisphere (with CC) and slaughtered Montezuma, (hence his revenge in food trucks all over Calif) – How do you have the audacity to criticize! We know your first name is Leo.

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  8. Revolve: I’ve been following TWiT shows for about three years, and I don’t know what you mean by watching things fall apart. TWiT shows keep getting better, TWiT keeps getting more advertisers and their audience keeps growing strongly.

    What the fuck are you talking about?

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    1. They have increased advertising but for shit that’s not relevant to the audience. When it’s tech related stuff it’s easier for Leo to shill. That’s not the case now.

      The quality of presenters just keeps going down. Mike is in a world of his own. Robert Ballecer prancing around in a priest costume playing with his toys and Tonya also has no presenting skills.

      That’s what I meant by going to shit. Maybe you like the dumbed down version but I certainly don’t.

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  9. Hi folks,

    I’m not one of the commenters who think you guys have no life. I’ve only come across this site as it’s one of the first pages that come up when you search for Erik Lanigan.

    With that said though, I must admit, I don’t really understand the level of commitment to the hate. You say that you enjoy it, and that it’s fun. Well, I don’t get that either.

    At its most successful Twit (and all other online tech media really) is a niche product. This kind of dedication to it, be it positive or negative dedication to it, makes little to no impact on either Twit or the wider world.

    So why not find your fun doing something that would?

    I’m genuinely puzzled because if I don’t like, or especially if I hate something (and believe me, there are plenty of things that I can’t stand as much as you guys can’t stand twit), I just cut it out of my life. I find it much more relaxing and freeing. Or if I do attack something I aim my guns at a target that I have a chance of changing. Which just isn’t the case with Twit.

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    1. Food for thought on futility: Rush Limbaugh’s had huge campaigns to get radio stations//sponsors to drop him. 3 years back it looked like it might have some impact but Rush rebounded fast.

      Rush says more offensive//harmful statements every day. Thousands organized against him to little effect. He used it to rally his fans.

      Source: I was part of the groups against Rush until I realized time was better spent ignoring him//focusing on my own life.

      These articles can be fun to read, but if you think they will help fix//destroy TWiT you are loco.

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