Top Five Predictions for 2015

He will be missed.
He will be missed.

After a marathon meeting of the #TotalDrama editorial board, we were finally able to narrow down our Top Five Predictions for 2015:

  1. Leo will be found face-down in the Japanese soaking tub by a stone-faced Lisa.*
  2. Sarah Lane will finally quit and start her own Patreon.
  3. Chad will continue to appear at the Twit Shithouse—even though he got fired.
  4. Padre will be discovered in a locked van down by the Petaluma Harbor with powdered sugar on his fingers and male porn mags inside of a dirty backpack.
  5. The #twitlive chat mods will continue being incredible dicks.

*It’s always the “wife.”

4 thoughts on “Top Five Predictions for 2015”

  1. The fake priest fat ass will also have a dildo up his ass.

    Mike Jizzum will be arrested for child abuse

    Sarah will be hooked on heroin

    Chad will be homeless, more than now

    Leo will end up in a mental institution

    The dog will be infected with yeast from licking Kuntzsmells infected cunt

    Abby and Harry have a baby

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