Well, I think I will start this paragraph with the word “well” in honor of this particular bit of news. Ladies and Gentlemen, #totaldrama was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong, I say again, dead wrong. A hypothesis was expressed here many times that Dec 31st would not just end 2014, it would also end the tenure of our News Director extraordinaire.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.
Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

We could see it play out in our mind’s eye. Leo at the round table with Gum sitting next to him, probably looking awkward as ever and uncontrollably nodding yes. #Soup thanking him for transforming TWiT into the mega news operation it has become. The Gum saying he loved it here but he just needs to travel, as wanderlust got hold of him, it is in his blood. Then #soup finally heaping praise on Sarah for turning TN2 into a success and enabling her as the rightful successor to the Gum. (Even though to #soup she is only qualified because she is on staff and the only replacement that is cost-free)

This new video creates quite the puzzle. Gum looks more miserable each passing day and although #Drama takes evil pleasure in watching TNT, we think it might be best for his psychological health to get a move on.

#Drama would also like to thank the members of #TWiTLive who ask the real questions. Is Gum leaving? How are TNT ratings? When is I’d Fund That! premiering? Any new shows? How are ad sales? Did TWiT grow or shrink in 2014? Where is this months meet-up?
And again we thank Richard Yes for the clip.

Bizarre Friendship

We have all witnessed bizarre stuff at TWiT. Lately, something unusually bizarre has come to our attention. Laporte has long been known as someone who despises humanity. Every emotion he expresses towards people is disingenuous, but a change is on the horizon.

This Week in Noodles?
This Week in Noodles?

Jeff is only 18 but he is quickly rising in the echelons of TWiT management. Originally, as noted by the lovely & talented Sarah Lane, his main function was #soup fetching. Reluctantly we will admit that this is a task that is not without prestige at TWiT LLC. Later Jeff was advanced to the position of analyst, a title higher than off-site producer currently occupied by Chad Johnson. (analyst is another title with no known function.) Chad Johnson, speaking of the devil,  is  someone young Jeff is charged with monitoring when the ex-producer is in the vicinity of the supply closet, to ensure that no office supplies suddenly vanish. Do you wonder what caused the boy’s unusually high comfort level at TWiT while everyone else is in constant fear of being unemployed?

Leo has been known to promote friends and girlfriends to high levels of management. It seems that the young lad is truly friends with Leo. The two have been spotted going to the movies together and now Leo is buying him gifts. (a sweater) Add this oddity to the list of things to keep an eye on at TWiT.

Thanks to Richard Yes for clip

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