Bizarre Friendship

We have all witnessed bizarre stuff at TWiT. Lately, something unusually bizarre has come to our attention. Laporte has long been known as someone who despises humanity. Every emotion he expresses towards people is disingenuous, but a change is on the horizon.

This Week in Noodles?
This Week in Noodles?

Jeff is only 18 but he is quickly rising in the echelons of TWiT management. Originally, as noted by the lovely & talented Sarah Lane, his main function was #soup fetching. Reluctantly we will admit that this is a task that is not without prestige at TWiT LLC. Later Jeff was advanced to the position of analyst, a title higher than off-site producer currently occupied by Chad Johnson. (analyst is another title with no known function.) Chad Johnson, speaking of the devil,  is  someone young Jeff is charged with monitoring when the ex-producer is in the vicinity of the supply closet, to ensure that no office supplies suddenly vanish. Do you wonder what caused the boy’s unusually high comfort level at TWiT while everyone else is in constant fear of being unemployed?

Leo has been known to promote friends and girlfriends to high levels of management. It seems that the young lad is truly friends with Leo. The two have been spotted going to the movies together and now Leo is buying him gifts. (a sweater) Add this oddity to the list of things to keep an eye on at TWiT.

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13 thoughts on “Bizarre Friendship”

  1. Is this not a repeat. Did Chad Johnson become too old for Leo Laporte?

    I can’t help but think that there TWiT is starting to look like a toxic cesspool of perversion.

    When Leo or his future spouse pop in maybe they can explain this creepy relationship to us all. They will be stalking the halls of as they always do while snuggling up together in on the Caspar mattress laying in Leo’s Den.

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    1. Leo already married Lisa in Hawaii if you have not noticed. Don’t know what is the deal with Leo hiding the fact he married Lisa. Probably a bigger story there but we will leave that up to Total Drama to investigate why Leo isn’t saying he married Lisa when he did.

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  2. The new guy basically is Leo’s ass man. Now that the CEHO is all stretched out in the vagina and ass by Leo’s monster cock he is moving on to tighter game like this kid. Leo was ramming Chads ass all along that’s why he is gone, the CEHO was catching on to them. Sarah is really using again big time just to cope with being their.

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  3. I have a theory. I’ve been sitting on this for quite a while, since I never thought it would have any importance. I may have been wrong.

    Remember the late Erik, slayer of tech questions in the dank and dark? Fill your memory’s nostrils with Soup’s spill about grooming him to be Tech Guy replacement. Take a long, critical sniff of that. Now, hold it in, and ignore for this scenario what came later. Gird yourself.

    Picture Erik’s face. Now picture a boxed salad. Now take a look at thin-as-Needles. Quickly, catch a glimpse of Sarah’s lovely hair. Then Pilot switches views, and on Skype without any sound, there’s our pixelated guests Erik and Jeff on split-screen. Suddenly, sumo suits. Back to their faces, again. Keep holding. Your business is important to us. An axe materializes, and Friar Tech takes it away from BriBri twice. Relax for a moment with a long shot of a talented and lovely news producer.

    Then look at Henry.

    Notice a resemblance?

    The first time I saw cup-of-Soup, between shows shortly after E. L.’s demise, I actually confused one for the other. Today, I read this unusual and specific story after not viewing any fine soupy programming for months and months, and I wondered. “No, it couldn’t be,” I said. So I sought out a clear face shot on the GeeBook Plus Plus. The resemblance is uncanny.

    I think that our Glorious Slurper is wishing to spread his tremendous love with a little bit of nepotism, NTTAWWT. His son is too young, and probably not interested at all: he has his music or whatever. But every time The Bowl From Which Tech Is Answered finds somebody who looks like a younger version of himself (or possibly love children nobody knows about), he begins to lean as if he’s going to pass the keys to the kingdom to them, which is dangerous because of the girth and weight distribution involved.

    What do you think?

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  4. For years I’ve suspected Leo is bisexual. He’s made comments about how handsome certain makes are from time to time. Not matter if factory, but like he was someone lustful. Anybody else get that bisexual vibe from Leo and some of the comments he makes about men?

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  5. Yes Leo is bisexuals, he really enjoys younger kids since they have tight asses. If I was Lisa I’d be careful with her retarded kid. Then again maybe she will just look the other way.

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