Well, I think I will start this paragraph with the word “well” in honor of this particular bit of news. Ladies and Gentlemen, #totaldrama was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong, I say again, dead wrong. A hypothesis was expressed here many times that Dec 31st would not just end 2014, it would also end the tenure of our News Director extraordinaire.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.
Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

We could see it play out in our mind’s eye. Leo at the round table with Gum sitting next to him, probably looking awkward as ever and uncontrollably nodding yes. #Soup thanking him for transforming TWiT into the mega news operation it has become. The Gum saying he loved it here but he just needs to travel, as wanderlust got hold of him, it is in his blood. Then #soup finally heaping praise on Sarah for turning TN2 into a success and enabling her as the rightful successor to the Gum. (Even though to #soup she is only qualified because she is on staff and the only replacement that is cost-free)

This new video creates quite the puzzle. Gum looks more miserable each passing day and although #Drama takes evil pleasure in watching TNT, we think it might be best for his psychological health to get a move on.

#Drama would also like to thank the members of #TWiTLive who ask the real questions. Is Gum leaving? How are TNT ratings? When is I’d Fund That! premiering? Any new shows? How are ad sales? Did TWiT grow or shrink in 2014? Where is this months meet-up?
And again we thank Richard Yes for the clip.

9 thoughts on “Mythbusters”

  1. If Sarah hosts TNT they will need to drop TN2, that is an entire ad-a-day lost . (TN2 is probably at 8k views so at 70 CPM that is $2,800 a week) My guess is that #soup has asked Gum to stay on until he finds a replacement which will be never, so he will stay until he realizes Leo is not really looking for a replacement. (Unless you’re a #twitlive fool who believes he offered Patrick Norton & Dvorak & Baratunde & MKHD, jobs at a reasonable salary and that he asks Becky and Molly to be on TWiT every week. The guy just says anything, it is amazing to watch)

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  2. I still stick to my gut feeling that there is a separation of ways and Richard Yes has it pretty much how it is going to go down.

    You see, Leo has a blatant tell to his lies, he will make a laugh, sometimes it is blatant and other times it is stifled but it is there and this time he used that laugh to imply that the statement was factually incorrect but his facial action was one of a Deer caught in the lights with the cross hairs on the rifle squarely on him.

    The trouble with Leo is that 99% of what he says is lies or altered truth and even he does not believe most of the shit that drools from his mouth. If anyone was to believe the statement he made in answer to that question they would have to believe the statements he made about Tom Merritt and again the validity of what went down with Chad, with Amber Mac and Brushwood etc as he responded in a similar manner to questions asked about them

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    1. I guess that is rule 1 – Leo lies

      Regarding that, I happened to skim through the opening of the Brickhouse this weekend (I guess I was feeling maudlin) when I see Jennifer Laporte. Then I thought “how is she there, in the same room as Lisa.” When Leo exposed his sexting between him and Lisa, on air, in December 2011 he told gawker that he and Jennifer had been separated for over a year , yet here he is in July 2011 introducing her “as his wife.” Then I remembered rule 1. Sigh it’s all very sad. Even sadder to see his defenders not see through the deceptions.

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    1. Why bummer if it is true? Gum and TNT has been the most entertaining shows for us Trolls, er I mean pundits, and it will become so boring if the replacement were competent.

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      1. I tried to find entertainment in his inept delivery, his hilarious guests, and his stupefying format change to a self-congratulatory journalism circle-jerk.

        But he is just a sad dude in over his head. And I just can’t laugh at that.

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