Leo Laporte World’s #1 Boss

We all like a little recognition from our boss once in awhile. It feels good to get a pat on the back. Well at TWiT you’re lucky if your boss knows your name.

Randal has been doing shows on TWiT for about six years and Leo can’t be bothered to remember his name. Carly, on the other hand, Leo can recognize from behind at a distance of 67 meters yet he has no clue what her name is.

Hey Leo, here’s a resolution, learn your employees names!

3 thoughts on “Leo Laporte World’s #1 Boss”

  1. More than just his relationship to his employees, this also shows again Leo’s phony concept of friendship (“Russell, my friend”). I would think that you should really know the names of people before calling them a friend, but maybe I’m old fashioned or just jealous that I can’t show off with “friends” like Steve Martin or Kevin Spacey….

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  2. >> Hey Leo, here’s a resolution, learn your employees names!

    With TWIT’s turnover rate being what it is he might be thinking it’s just a matter of why bother. In any case it’s not like he has any level of real respect for most people, his own self-importance overshadows everyone around him.

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