TNT not even trying anymore

Who gives a fuck about having the show look nice?
Who gives a fuck about having the show look nice?

“Tech News Today” has finally just given up. The next step apparently is to just shut off the cameras and board up the studio. So with the Nov. 12, 2014 episode we now just have guests talking directly into the lower third.

We remember fondly the days when TNT actually gave a fuck.


8 thoughts on “TNT not even trying anymore”

    1. Yes, it doesn’t help that they have barely time to set things up but it also doesn’t help when the TD is worried about juggling several Skype connections and dealing with people that are on the most horrible of connections.

      That doesn’t even cover some of the people that the TD has to deal with. There’s been a few that are twitching like meth addicts waiting to get their next hit. Those that obviously are unsure of the story they wrote and stand there reading out the story from the website like it is the first time they have come across the information, or those that appear to have their laptop on the floor and are standing above it staring down.

      The show is a whole festering mess of poor production and has been since the News Rejector started working for TWiT back in January.

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  1. Would it not be easier if they just had studio quality portrait photos of the guests and used audio only for the interviews. The bandwidth would be optimized and it would be like the old days before the video aliens landed and took over the world.

    I want to hear what these tech pros have to say (mostly) not look at there wierd blurry neck beards from below, it sort of puts me off their message!

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  2. I think it’s only apt for them to give up, long after viewers have given up on them.

    Mikebot’s authors hangout – pissing on an award-winning brand for a solid 10 1/2 months.

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  3. I hope in my next life life, They will bring back Call for help. Leo was such a gentleman. In the tech guy, He does show a hint of compassion for some of the callers, But in This week in tech, The dark Leo emerges. I love the man for what he was…. A man who helped his fellow man.

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