Leo will never change

Leo Laporte proves on video for about the jillionth time that he’s nothing but a sexist pig. Pointing at a female guest’s crotch like it was a blueberry pie and cackling like the sex-obsessed perv that he is, Laporte escapes only by seconds before his unsuspecting guest realizes what an ogling ogre he is.

24 thoughts on “Leo will never change”

  1. I remember when Sarah did an AMA a couple of years ago. Someone asked her, “Is Leo pervy to you off-camera too?” She replied, “If you were a lawyer I’d say you were leading the witness.”

    So this has been going on for a very long time, and Sarah’s non-denial was illuminating.

    It was a clever answer made in the middle of a rush of questions during an AMA session. Sarah is quick-witted.

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  2. The TWIT network, approved by Clarence Thomas and Bill Cosby as a shining example of a gender-neutral, harassment-free workplace. I can’t imagine why there is such an accumulation of haters on this site.

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    1. I think ‘haters just gonna hate’ do it primarily for the lulzzzzz

      People here are much like bone dry tinder set off by the incendiary behaviour of Leo Laporte and his beloved!

      It was bound to happen, now we’ll have to watch the forrest fire that is TWiT burn its way across the valley and incinerate his empire to a pile of toxic ashes!

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  3. BHB there is something seriously wrong with Leo. I have no doubt the curtain/drapes comment didn’t happen and these crude off hand remarks are getting to be a daily occurrence. Considering that I’ve never even come close to even suggesting that crude comment to any woman, someone is going to call him out… I can only hope premier radio cancelles his radio show, that would put a huge dent in his income and maybe his mouth …

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    1. He’s always blamed ADD, in fact many personalities seem to use this excuse, as a way of justifying their actions regardless of what it is. They seem to think that it is a perfect justification for being ignorant, crass, abusive etc!

      Leo uses this excuse but while he has a disorder it is a far worse one, he will say or do anything for that “Look at Me” moment and he hates anyone else being the center of attention.

      He still doesn’t take any part of the blame for the issues at TechTV! He blames Paul allen and Vulcan Inc for his departure whereas it was a case of removing a liability. ZDTV was happy to deal with his abusive prima-donna ways but unfortunately when someone new comes into the picture they have to remove all liabilities and Leo was such a liability.

      He always comments about his very very very short tenure working for CNET! Hmmm, wonder why he was let go after a day?

      He has tried hard a couple of times to keep his mouth shut but then he opens wide and the crass, tasteless tacky comments spew out of his mouth!

      Leo Laporte claims to have no self control when it comes to his mouth. That is a lie, he knows exactly what he is saying and doing.

      In fact when he made the comment yesterday to Sarah Lane I couldn’t watch anymore. I don’t have a high tolerance to assholes like Leo Laporte and had to give myself a timeout. Thankfully a few minutes later someone ran into a utility pole and cut the power to the house and got an hour or two of quiet to regenerate the mental block that use to let me get by a few minutes of Laporte Assholery! Trouble is that mental fire-wall that I build breaks down far faster each time I watch Laporte.

      I would suggest a drinking game, watch TWiT and each time he makes makes a comment that is not really family friendly take a drink but…

      …I don’t want to be blamed for turning Total Drama into a site full of regularly drunk commenters.

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      1. A sexual bully always picks his prey – victims carefully.
        He also is careful to surround himself with puto males so he never feels threatened of being really confronted.
        He’s basically a fucking weasel.

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  4. You guys are fucking retarded. Leo is the man. A fucking baller. He makes the cash and has the charisma to get away with saying things most of us cannot.

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    1. Leo is fall from a baller TWIT is a sinking ship once Lisa sucks it dry of course. Leo hardly gets away with what he says look what happened to Kate the original co host of the screen savers. Many women won’t have anything to do with Leo anymore like Veronica and many others.

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      1. Well I have to say; OMG!

        I think he must be mentally ill, he knows he’s wrong, look at his moment of embarrassment at Sarah’s reaction, yet he keeps on doing it.

        Maybe it’s a form of Tourette’s syndrome but then that would be an excuse and he’d do this stuff more, and he’s keep whining ‘I can’t help it!’

        Sarah can’t be that trapped at this place surely, why not just leave and get another job? I don’t understand.

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        1. What part of female on-air personality approaching her forties don’t you understand?

          Remember, she was mostly behind the scenes at both Rev3 and Current, Twit’s where it’s at for Sarah.

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  5. Again, Leo is the man! This guy is riot and pulls off the crap you cast offs cannot. I don’t get it. You clowns keep talking about the hacks like Veronica (bangs) Belmont, Tom Merritt, etc.. They are nothing without Leo. And when they ask for more than they are worth he should cut them loose like the ingrates that they are. Leo is the man. Leo is the star. Leo is the bankroller and hero of podcasting. If Leo or Adam Carolla aren’t on the creek, I don’t watch it. Padre SJ is awesome too. He should quit the church and join and improv group!

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