Leo Laporte warns OMGChad not to get fat

In a stunning lack of self-awareness, the bloated and pompous Prick of Podcasting, Leo Laporte, warns his former employee Chad Johnson about getting fat. Just days before, Leo ’n’ Lisa had fired Chad after years of loyal service. So it’s particularly sad to see Chad have to laugh off Leo’s rude comments after Chad’s humiliation. Best of luck to you, Chad! We hope the only thing that ever gets fat on you is your wallet.

15 thoughts on “Leo Laporte warns OMGChad not to get fat”

  1. now now… TD isn’t a dating site, that’s reserved for Soup … which, BTW, brings up the little noted fact that Lisa is never very distant from Leo and the live stream, she has to be worried that Soup is trolling for new, fresh and younger meat, just as Lisa was trolled oh so many moons past.

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    1. I have to say that Lisa isn’t exactly ugly, a lot can be made by freeze framing video to bring out the worst in someones looks, weird fleeting expressions, facial spasms!
      In that bed commercial lol 🙂 I noticed her legs, I guess straight men would probably think them quite sexy? I don’t think her hair does her any favours, but that’s her choice.
      Maybe Leo is actually getting fed up with her aggressive personality? She can’t be easy to live with I would imagine.

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        1. The personality part, I get. But I don’t think she’s entirely physically unappealing. But then again I’m a homo, so what do I know? I’ll leave that judgement up to the expert heteros 😉

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  2. Lizjuzzimface is pretty ugly. Her face looks like it is wrapped in plastic, her hair like the 80s, can’t really comment on her body but the fact that she let’s fat leolardass fuck her is just gross, not to mention the loads of his chunky thick soup on her ☺ face is even more discussing. He probably dreams of Sarah when he is fucking that yeast infections dirty

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  3. Sometimes those that are obese don’t see it in themselves but will be critical towards others, even those far less obese than themselves.

    I’m sure that deep down Leo was merely showing concern for Chad’s health. Though being pushed towards a peanut butter and jelly diet by being dismissed from your employment and the stress involved doesn’t really help a weight gain situation.

    I think it is pointless stating the obvious about Ms Kentzell or Mrs Laporte or whatever name she is going until these days. She cannot help how she looks. That voice, similarly she cannot really help, that 100-a-day smokers voice and looks are something that she has to live with and I cannot mock the afflicted.

    While I am not the most handsome of guys, I am not the fittest and over the past few years have stacked on the pounds I do exercise regularly, I do watch my diet and I do care about how I am perceived.

    I may mock the Soup and Salad food intake and while I know that it works it only works if you control your diet. Having a salad with gallons of dressing or a soup where the basis of the food is just pasta and getting a large portion is not going to magically make your lose weight. I regularly have soup and at least one meal a day is salad but I lose weight because I don’t operate on the basis that replacing 3,000 calories in a meal with 3,000 calories of salad with lots of oil over it to the point that you can see it dripping off like a leaking sump on an old car engine is not going to make that weight loss happen. This is why Leo Laporte’s weight and size is worthy of my mockery. Using a similar diet that he has used I lose weight, I’ll never get back to the weight I was when I was in my 20’s but I know that I’ll never become a bloated morbidly obese tyrannical Histrionic asshole like Leo Laporte!

    Anyone that does not take the hint from well meaning people that show concern and instead bans them from the IRC and then mocks others because they have gained a few pounds deserves all the mockery and humiliation that can be piled upon their gluttonous bodies!

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  4. I fear Chad will be around a while. He’s not very talented at presenting, I’m afraid to say, and his producing skills were mediocre at best. I’m sure he’s a lovely chap, I really mean that, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch him or watch things he is producing. The old lady next door is a lovely person too – I don’t fancy watching any podcasts she’s involved in.

    I think the TWiT audience will soon forget him, and his Patreon account. I agree with Muffler – it’s embarrassing that he’s lingering like he is.

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