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  1. Is he serious? He’s unfunny comic relief on Security Now, he was wrong about the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch on MacBreak Weekly…what exactly is he contributing to the network?

    Do us all a favor and retire! You have millions, so when your contract for The Tech Guy runs out, just put us out of our misery and retire. The shows you “host” will go on just fine without you Leo, because you don’t bring any value to them!

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      1. That would classify both of them.

        The November 18th Security Now had Gibson confusing Theoretical knowledge (presumption) with Actual Knowledge and then taking a Fiction Movie and complaining about the accuracy of it because the man was not Shredded by the Blackhole when he got too close!

        I’ve yet to visit a black hole, I am certain that unless Gibson has been secretly traveling to space and has found one that he not visited one to be able to make a statement as such.

        The reason Astrophysics say “In Theory” when they talk about black holes is because they don’t know for sure because it is theory ie guesses. Talk to anyone that has written a paper and they will all give different opinions as to what would happen and all would say “but we don’t know for sure”.

        In fact his (Gibson’s) statements on the subject kind of remind me of Grandma when she had dementia before she was diagnosed. I remember sitting with Dad and her telling us how she had been to the horse races and she stood next to this wonderful lady with a big hat. She had been watching the Kentucky Derby on the TV. We laughed and it wasn’t until she because real crazy and was calling everyone at 2 or 3 am and telling us there was kids in the house watching her TV that we realized that there was something wrong since her home was all locked up and even we couldn’t get in and she had to unlock the several locks and chains on the door before we could get in.

        I mentioned the part about the kids in the house because there never was any kids in the house watching her TV and somehow I believe that Leo has started to make statements of employees working all night like slaves in mines and people breaking in while they were there and strangely enough Needles seems to be there all the time. Just like there was a ghost in his office during the earthquake when it was merely the incorrect use of a sliding switch with a ‘Fluorescent tube’ (something that should be a purely on-off design and not a variable resistor type switch).

        These men, like the little old lady Jarvis, should be worried over because they all have their own dementia laden issues.

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        1. Take it from someone who has a PhD from MIT, a theory is not a guess. This is a common misconception of the scientifically illiterate public. You are confusing this with a hypothesis…but a hypothesis is actually more than a guess as it’s extrapolated from known observations.

          “I’ve yet to visit a black hole”…what if I was to say I’m from England, and not knowing how to swim in the ocean is dangerous due to the possibility of drowning. But I’ve never been to Fiji, so it’s only a “theory” (guess) that you can drown there! Obviously this is stupid as a simple extrapolation of similar conditions implies that drowning is possible in both locations.

          There is significant mathematical work on relativity, gravity, etc to show the most likely outcome of an entry into a black hole. Just like how computers can calculate the trajectory of artillery shells. Small deviations can be expected, but the overall THEORY will hold true.

          The “only a theory” comment is only mostly used by Americans who have little scientific background. I am an American, and despise such language.

          In conclusion, Leo Laporte is an asshat.

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  2. On a few occasions I heard Leo say he wanted out. He’s already set for life. His Yoko is driving him to bring in more cheddar so she can make bank. He is blinded by the pootang.

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  3. He’s been seething with jealousy ever since Discovery bought Revision3. Since Leo feels shafted that Kevin Rose and Patrick Norton didn’t join TWiT and formed their own network he feels like he deserves some kind of payout. So he’s said more than once he would sell TWiT.

    Maybe Air Canada will buy him out…

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    1. That and he painted himself into a corner (while Lisa held the paint bucket) building the studio. He used to talk about how “old media” it was to have a huge TechTV style studio, back when he was in the cottage. You don’t need that anymore, he’d say, not realizing how right he was. Now he’s stuck with it, and on top of that his heir apparent (Tom) has moved on and is doing pretty well with the Patreon model. What value does TWiT add to anybody with a big enough bank balance to buy him out or otherwise help him retire? I don’t think there’s anybody on the planet other than Leo who wants a streaming media production studio in Petaluma CA, so his sale options are limited. Seems like he’s starting to feel it.

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  4. Now Now… For those of us TD fans that aren’t Astrophysicists, I’ve broken Leo’s universe as he see’s it into its simplest brick house building blocks. We have Leo(ever expanding universe) being swallowed up by Lisa(The Black Hole) and what remains is the milky way(sticky mess). I’m working on the common core version….

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    1. John, what a wonderful universe analogy. It seems that you have attracted the less than amorous Molly who seems to be an uncultured TWiT stooge of a critique. I suspect this poor”confused” individual is running around his mum’s room with his pants on his head.

      If I could add my own twist to your sublime metaphor, it could be said that Leo is a gas giant who speaks to his sycophants through his [Ur]anus; while Lisa (the #Nympho-Mistress) is the empty vacuous, brain-dead and cold expanse of space. Sarah could easily be described as our sun radiating her warmth and life giving properties while Jason is the Earth the only life source in this empty wilderness. As for Elgum and the TWiT mods; who knows, they are lost to all in the 11th dimension in their own surreal and weird place.

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  5. Why don’t ypu trolls get a life? Don’t deny it, you are trolls. Do you guys have jobs, because it seems like you spend all your time attacking TWiT.
    I have a life, before you say that I dint. I just basically laugh at you guys. I still love TWiT, and will defend it.

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      1. Ohhhhhhhh My!!!!!!!

        My dear Molly! Having been asked several times to be on Triangulation. Trouble is I have heard far far far too many stories that just make me want to say “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh My!” and you know I am not a spring chicken, I have seen lots of things over the years. I have many good friends that warned me not to appear on Triangulation or to get into any form of intercourse (verbal or written and definitely not sexual) because you suddenly become a “Good Friend” even though I wouldn’t know this man if I he passed me in the street.

        They said he is like a scary stalker and he really is quite bigoted in that classic self denial way that the worst bigots do!

        A Friend was telling me that he once called a radio show done by Mr Laporte and the advice was so bad that everything went wrong. He emailed Mr Laporte directly and in the early hours of the next morning there was the man himself knocking at his door with a woman. At first he thought it was some Lady of the Night that he had picked up from the side of the road and was dragging her along with him. He was stunned to find out that this was the future wife of the man, she was dressed like she worked the streets.

        My friend said he just could not get rid of them, they were there for hours, he finally said, “I’ll be in a picture or two with you and I will phone in with a thank you on your show if you would just go so that I can go to bed”. The Lady’s eyes lit up and she said in a screechy croaky voice like a woman that smoked 100 a day, “Ohhhhh, Bed that sounds nice!”.

        He finally pushed them out the door closed it, locked it and they left at about 3am the following day! He tried everything including playing banjo and singing a song with the lines inserted as a chorus, “It’s time to go, just go go go, get outta my house and go!”

        My friend did say that he phoned the show live as promised and didn’t expect him to dump the caller he was talking to and he had to send another email to Mr Laporte telling him how wrong it was and that he didn’t like being used and abused in such a way!

        My good friend, who shall stay anonymous, sat me down and firmly lectured me to refuse and if necessary, like he has, get a court order. It seems that you are labelled a friend of Leo Laporte’s just because he has interviewed your on a show or has communicated with you.

        I remember when Charles Manson had his ‘family’ and other friends have said that it seems almost like a Manson Family. People will defend this man, even when they see him on screen abuse women, employee’s, make adult orientated jokes or comments in front of children without censoring what he is saying. I have to err on the side of caution and avoid this man and my dear Molly, if you feel comfortable with the abuse he has laden on women and the bigotry and hate he has spewed from his mouth and the horrible comments that not just make me say “Oh My!” they make thing “Oh Nooooo!”.

        I do hope that you do take offense young lady but this person that replied to you seems to quite effectly highlight that you are in the cult-member-mode. All I can say is get out, get out of the cult and get treatment before it is too late and before I have to witness you carrying out the act mentioned above because then I will really exclaim loudly “Ohhhh My!”.

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        1. I can’t imagine the horror of those two turning up at my door, I’d let out the dogs and call the police.
          This story is weird and makes me feel decidingly uncomfortable, almost think it could be made up, but it is a bit too random and strange for that.
          Creepy! Although with all the ‘My Friend’ and ‘My Good Friend’ could this be Leo Laporte trolling ‘TotalDrama’ or Dear Patrick with all the ‘Oh My!’ ?

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  6. Molly, it’s a little odd you find the anti-TWIT tone of the comments here to be so offensive. Not to offend but you do realize that actually your the troll here?

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  7. will brushwood, young appear on the NYE twit special? seems there is more to the story than what brushwood and young revealed when they took their show off twit.

    and why wont chad and others who were unceremoniously “fired” from twit tell all? If twit and Leporte/kentzell are scumbags, why hold back?

    even brushwood was silenced by young by playing, “let it go” when he was on the verge of telling all about Leporte 😉

    I havent watched twit much for the past 6 months. I havent watched TNT since Tom left. Elgin is a complete monotone bore….how he has remained on that show is beyond me.

    so, what are the alternatives to TWIT? any suggestions for good video podcasts about tech news?

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      1. It’s called burning your bridges, I feel that those that have left TWiT know their own reasons for leaving,ie, TM, JRY, BB, IA and quite a few others both in front and behind the camera. The few that are left still derive some sort of income from Leo, so lashing out at Lisa(TWiT) will only get them fired. I really doubt TM will ever reveile his reason for leaving TWiT, but I doubt it was over $$s, as I ve said before, I think he left because Lisa was getting too involved in the day to day operation of TWiT and Toms show and he couldn’t get any relief from Leo . Also, I really think it was burning a black hole in Lisa’s brain having Tom off site earning a fairly large salary.

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        1. “Also, I really think it was burning a black hole in Lisa’s brain having Tom off site earning a fairly large salary.”

          As it would to you, if you paid the dude ‘stick around for half the day’ / ‘news director’ money only to have him reduce his hours to about 7 per week, ask for more leeway doing stuff for other companies, and finally move to LA.

          Frankly, the problem with Tom was keeping him around when he decided to move, and of course bringing in the completely inept Mikebot to replace him.

          Few people would still be talking about Tom leaving, if it coincided with either his significant reduction in hours in studio (2 1/2 years ago) or his move to LA. (2 years ago)

          Of course, you would have to have paid for proper talent to replace him, which I don’t think was ever in the cards.

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          1. Valid points all, I’m just wondering how much ad revenue Tom’s TNT brought in vs the actual cost of production,ect? His Skyping in was the highest quality, so much better than the average TWiT show now. Leo stopped defending Mike and the “new TNT’ a long time ago, I’m surprised those ‘ inside TWiT’ episodes with his rants on how right the new TNT with ‘ breaking news director ‘ Leading the way are still up.

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    1. Chad’s too stupid to realise he’s been made to look a fool. I can’t believe he’s still going to TWiT with a smile on his face. I would never stick around at a job I was fired from by some whore and act like nothing has happened.

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      1. Chad’s not stupid, he’s just a young guy early on in his career. He has no financial foundation or rich friends who could help him if things got nasty.
        For Chad, it’s dangerous to risk the ire of Leo or Lisa if he were to get on the wrong side of them, L&L would do their best to blacklist the kid with stories and lies.
        Best just let sleeping dogs lie until he can move on completely with the blessing of ‘Mein Führer und Fräulein’ :/
        It truly is as if TWiT were a reincarnation of the Third Reich, imagine the reaction of Adolf Hitler if one of his officers left the party and joined an alternative!

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          1. And your point is? That UseNet article from 1995 may have a point (congratulations for proving you used UseNet & BBS? back in the day) but I hold to my analogy.
            “It truly IS as if TWiT were a reincarnation of the Third Reich, imagine the reaction of Adolf Hitler if one of his officers left the party and joined an alternative!”

            There are people who are wary of Laporte, he does seem unbalanced, we’ve all seen his nasty side. Chad is wise to bide his time.

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