10 thoughts on “THIS NEEDS TO end”

  1. He does this ALL. THE. TIME. on Windows Weekly especially. To the point of me actually skipping huge portions of the podcast so I could be certain I didn’t hear him chewing/talking with a mouthful of whatever. terribly unprofessional and disgusting. I’m surprised he doesn’t follow this up by clipping his toenails, picking his nose or popping a zit during a show.

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    1. on the job?

      do nba payers eat hot dogs while their shooting free throws

      do sprinters eat pizza in the midle of a race?

      do cops pull over and stop to get something to eat in the midle of a car chase?

      yes people eat dumb ass. but not every one stuffs food in their face on the job.

      thats what lunch breacks are for.

      you are the stupidest commentator ever.
      [shitrix] have a good day.

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