Mike Elgan has pimped out his family for SquareSpace

In a stunning breach of journalism ethics, Mike Elgum has effectively pimped out his family as fodder for SquareSpace ads on the TWiT network. It started on Sunday, when the orange-tinted host filled in for Leo Laporte. During the live ad read for SquareSpace, Elgum brought up his son Kevin’s wedding website. In the live read, Elgum exposed his own home address. (We will not be posting that here.) But what we will share is his son’s hot-as-hell future wife. As a direct result of Mike Elgum’s desire to sell out his own family’s privacy for a nickel, we present the beautiful Nadia, now fair game for publicity. So here she is, #TotalDrama: Feast your eyes on the luscious breasts of Kevin’s fiancé. And a big “Thank You!” goes out to Mike Elgum for putting his family out there by talking about them live on air during a paid ad segment. Nice going, buddy!

Elgum's future daughter-in-law as seen on his son's SquareSpace-powered blog.
Elgum’s future daughter-in-law as seen on his son’s SquareSpace-powered blog.

3 thoughts on “Mike Elgan has pimped out his family for SquareSpace”

  1. For a man that creates a fake website and company for ‘tax purposes’ with the address of the website registered to a trailer park in Carpinteria CA. I wonder if he was claiming all his world travels and costs as ‘business expenses’ rather than just his wandering around the world for the sake of travelling.

    This is a man of no moral compass, a perfect ‘friend’ for Soup & Sandwich (I really like that name – shame we couldn’t thumbs up comments).

    In fact he now claims TNT to be a discussion show where they discuss the Tech news reported by others? Does not imply that they are now going back to the original format that Tom Merritt implemented.

    I’m just glad I was out of town and didn’t have to suffer him fumbling through and slagging off tech that is not Google orientated. A hypocrisy when he is the ‘THOUGHT LEADER’ at Cult of Mac!

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