Leo buying iPhones for his dumb kids on TWiT’s dime

Leo Laporte is still supporting his kids after all these years with gadgets from the vast TWiT storehouse.
Leo Laporte is still supporting his kids after all these years with gadgets from the vast TWiT storehouse.

Leo Laporte announced with a flourish on today’s lame “This Week in Google” that he’s using his “biz account” to buy seven iPhones for TWiT (10 phones total). This also included two phones for his adorably dumb daughter and slacker son.

The TWiT founder is buying so many phones for his family that he is pressing company interns into service, as Apple is allowing only the purchase of two phones per person.

Way to go, Leo! Bring on that IRS audit. I’m sure the U.S. Government will be happy to hear what you’re up to.

15 thoughts on “Leo buying iPhones for his dumb kids on TWiT’s dime”

    1. Hint to our friend from, and number one fan from Washington state: use the same fake name and email so your expressions of admiration for this site will not be held for moderation.

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      1. Hey, I’m the number one fan from Washington state and my names not fake. I even use a partial real name in the shithouse chat, don’t know why I’m allowed to even be there.

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  1. TWiT and their owner and CeHo could be in a whole world of hurt if they were audited, especially if they are writing off things that are specifically just for personal use and claiming them as business expenses!

    He is a liar when he said today on Windows Weekly that he never accepts ‘review’ models and buys all the phones. He just buys the phones because he wants to play with them like a new toy and then like a spoiled child throws them to one side. It is strange that regularly they mention phones being review models when it is something being reviewed by one of the lackies and those are phones that he does not ‘care about’ like the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (or whatever it was called) and other devices.

    I am sure that he lost his calling as a used car salesman! He could screw over hundreds of people selling junk cars with the lies he tells!

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  2. Oh forgot to say, Elgan is the same! The reason he has that disfunctional website for ‘Elgan Media Group’ is because he writes off all their world travels and costs against taxes by claiming to be a media corporation and the business travel. He’ll be on his merry way soon, he’s already commenting about needing a change of scenery. Maybe the tax man has already sent a letter or two to him.

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    1. Only if the devices are for business use. Since the offspring are away in college they don’t count. Interns (what he claims they were/are) are not employees they are people working on minimal or no wage for experience.

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  3. My theory is that Leo is trying to buy himself into Apples “good books,” by saying to Apple look at me …. look at me….. I am the worlds largest Apple lover, I love you guys.

    Fortunately for us “your friend” Steve Jobs saw you for what you were, an attention seeker with no morals, and a total dumb-ass muppet.

    Nice try, but your lies and self importance doesn’t fool anybody except your idiotic lapdogs who moderate your forums. You will never get tickets to any Apple launch events. Fact.

    And finally, get it into your delusional head that your radio show doesn’t make you a celebrity nor does it influence people of sound mind.

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    1. Well said Padawan John! The Radio show merely highlights how much he doesn’t know when he constantly refers to the ‘chat room’ for answers over and over again. When the guests for the spots contradict him and tell him he is wrong!

      He goes on about not having “Native Advertising” but Security Now is one HUGE NATIVE ADVERT for Spinrite! The question segment consists of stuff purely picked to highlight the virtues of the software.

      Triangulation should be renamed “All about Leo”, in fact most shows should be called “All About Leo” or “Whine for the Day”. Wednesday 17th September was a continuous whine about Apple ‘taking away’ iPhoto that he had paid $5 for Boo Hoo!

      Strangely enough the previous day he had the balls to tell Alex Lindsay that he should pay for the apps again on Android because it is less than a new phone to do so. Well some of us do our taxes properly and don’t declare purchasing every app that makes us all excited as a business expense and some apps that are specialist apps are not cheap like “iPhoto.” Then when it got no sympathy he ranted on about how he was losing all the photobook work that he had being ‘setting up’! How much time does this a-hole need to compile a book for his daughter. I am sure she is glad that he didn’t get a chance to ‘publish’ the book. Nobody wants a book called “Look Abby, it’s all about Daddy.”

      Leo Laporte is a parasite.

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      1. Hold on here: Soup did backtrack and take back what he said to AL. AL is not a good example to use, he is an above average app purchaser.

        So, the average user doesnt spend more than 50 to 100 on apps (songs are owned cross-platform).

        Phones do caost 4x to 6x up from that.

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    2. The business type Souper has set up allows him to buy personal items on his personal business dime. Bone up on the tax laws. And, SoupSon has been employed at the TwistHaus since July this year.

      The devices do NOT have to be for business use only: that hasnt been the case for company-issued cellphones for any business type. BYOD works both ways, too.

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  4. Another thing Leo will do is try and goat a casual interview guest into committing to a full blown love triangulation (Leo-Lisa-Elgan) 3 way… Leo hits on the tech gals even harder in this respect. I remember when Kiki Stockhammer stumbled in and Leo spugged all over himself trying to get her to come back, I had to take a shower after that . She hasn’t been back!

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