The battle between Sarah and Amber

So the battle of the millennium is playing out online. It’s an age old question: Who’s hotter? The sweet blond who’s actually sexy, or the poser who tries too hard and wears glasses and too much lipstick and basically fails at being a hottie?

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I’ll let you decide. But just for the record, Sarah Lane is the sweet blond and Amber MacArthur is wearing lipstick. Vote your favorite in the comments section; just make sure it’s a vote for Sarah Lane.

Amber “Too Much Lipstick” MacArthur
Sarah “Just Perfect” Lane

6 thoughts on “The battle between Sarah and Amber”

  1. Sarah does come across as more real. Amber is Canadian, so I encourage her in any way possible. In fact I would say (if she asked) “Flee Canada Amber, head south to California. You’ll need less pancake with natural sun to tan you”

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