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Leo Comments on Sarah Lane quitting/terminated from Ipad Today

And if you keep this site up with boring, generic tech news, ‘Total Drama’ will no longer refer to Twit. Instead, it will refer to you going back and forth and being a Total Drama Queen.” Holden


The lovely and talented Sarah Lane
The lovely and talented Sarah Lane

There was much ado about the departure of the lovely and talented Sarah Lane from Ipad Today. Founder Leo Laporte thrust himself into chat to rectify what he felt was unfair treatment, we will not deny him his say:

<~Leo> we absolutely did NOT let [Sarah] go  <~Leo> she quit <~Leo> Anytime anyone leaves twit I seem to get blamed

She quit the full time gig but they were talking about the recent firing from doing Ipad Today, and you knew that, but you bent the truth Laporte, again. This is what infuriates people. Why can’t you say that you let her go from IPT, why can’t you be honest?

<~Leo> Techcrunch hired Sarah to compete with TWiT <~Leo> she's already launched a show directly opposite her old show, TN2

And you moved Padre’s Corner directly opposite Night Attack. (backfired as your show cant get sponsored) Don’t you believe in competition? Didn’t you create TNT to compete with BOL?

<~Leo> I don't see how any of this is my fault
<~Leo> all you have to [d]o is take a look at how many times we have had to fill in for her in the last month

Wait, so you did fire her from IPT because she had to miss and reschedule recordings? I thought you just said she quit? Let’s keep the lies consistent please.

<~Leo> Sarah is not an original
<~Leo> she was at twit for about 5 years
<~Leo> Megan started long before Sarah actually
<~Leo> Megan hosted Jumping Monkeys: [link removed]
<~Leo> that was in 2007-2008
<~Leo> Sarah started in 2009 with This Week in Fun [link removed]
<~Leo> and became an employee in 2010

This angers fans. People would like Megan if you didn’t do this. You pit the hosts against each other. And Sarah was on TWIT about 5200 times as many hours as Megan. Knock it off. You did the same thing with Gum, holding him up to be a godsend above Tom. Stop it. As a matter of fact you should have had Megan on with Sarah as friends, Sarah and Megan like each other. That is how you do a transition.

I would like to live in an alternate reality where Leo did a long emotional thank you to people when they leave. One where he is grateful to people for helping him build his business.  That would be cool. I would like that. Thanks Tom for making the highest revenue show on the network, thank you Sarah for two profitable shows and all you did, thanks Iyaz for Know-How. The only person he ever thanked was Colleen.

The original full paste bin which was supplied by a anon source. Unverified
Tell me, am I lying?