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A nightmare comes true

Many have already noted that one of the great—if not the greatest Twitter account of our time—has been silenced. The prolific opponents of free speech on the Internet have finally silenced the one voice that chronicled the abusive behavior of the TWiT moderators and the appalling actions of #Soup.

@LeoLaporteSucks will sing no more

Next they come for you
Next they come for you

How sad, the hollow heroes of the Anti-SOPA cause and the protesters  of the-right-to-be-forgotten have joined forces to gag someone whose sole purpose was making known the Soup-sanctioned moderator ridicule bestowed on his fans who dared to hold opinions different from his own.

We need to cheer a society where knowing the email address of a vice president at Twitter, Inc. is enough to censor voices you dislike. The ridicule #TotalDrama heaps on the CEHo is possibly unwarranted. Perhaps a career in silencing political satire is her true calling. Her outrageous salary (BTW, Soup: We know why you need a lower bottomline for TWiT…very clever) may be justified if she worked for a major studio; banning and harassing reviewers who do not like her client’s movies.

Anyway, they don’t have machine guns and Islamic Fundamentalist views, so this quieting will unfortunately go unnoticed. Especially when it is the greatest hypocrite of our age fastening the muzzle.