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Leo Laporte Mistakes His Staff’s Incompetence for an Attack on TWiT’s Website

Video Link

Leo “worst engineering staff in the business” Laporte showed us all his “Engineering” chat during iOS Today. You can see the raw video above where he scrolls backward chronologically.

We have reproduced the chat in its entirety below.

Key Points

  • Look at Patrick’s contributions. He is a worthless sack of shit that waddles around the Shithouse with his hands on his hips. He provides literally zero assistance as Leo’s sole full-time “software developer” during this entire problem.
  • Bruce makes fun of the one-horse farm town Petaluma that Leo Laporte makes his employees move to so that they are stuck, like Jason Howell. It’s a great way to keep them there while paying them just enough to get by, but not enough to save up to move away.
  • Leo thinks it’s an attack by his “trolls,” but in reality, Bruce and Russell are just incompetent in setting up their load balancers.
  • Leo doesn’t use LastPass anymore. Screw Steve‘s recommendations, right Leo?
  • Russell Tammany is the only half-smart one who works for TWiT, and he doesn’t work for TWiT. He’s a contractor.

Sample screenshots from the video above are available below the chat transcript.

Chat Transcript

— Thursday, February 18, 2016 —
Bruce Chezem
heroku recommends CNAME at DNSimple among other providers

Russell Tammany
[hidden by sausage finger] sure if it was an attack or just amazon pulling away a load balancer, it could have been too much load against [hidden by sausage finger] elb though… do we have any really high traffic metrick from heroku right before?

Patrick Delahanty
[hidden by sausage finger] would be odd that our traffic was naturally high during our off hours.

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