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Sarah Lane Launchparty

The Lovely and Talented Sarah Lane
Sarah Lane AKA The Lovely and Talented

The lovely and talented Sarah Lane is cutting the ribbon on a new show via TechCrunch called “Crunch Report.” The debut is set for March 23rd at 4PM Pacific but being that it is not live, the start time seems inconsequential. The show will be daily but it is unconfirmed if Sarah will even be hosting. We do not as yet have sources inside their HQ, we need like a week or two. It was described by an insider as a visual version of the Techcrunch website.

People looking for anything other than news in this post will have to wait. Those days are gone. Not gonna happen. People change, it’s called a metamorphosis, so there is nothing else to say. Keep dreaming. But we are looking forward to her input on the set design.

Why totaldrama became the number one [#1] destination of everyone in Silicon Valley is beyond me, those people have issues. Anyway, there are two types of people in this world, the people tuning in to watch her show debut and the bottom dwelling, scum sucking, backstabing, evil, heartless and worthless a-holes wasting good oxygen. Which are you, grow up and pick a side.