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Apparent Confirmation that Leo Laporte Bought Out Jennifer During the Divorce

When Leo Laporte began the relationship with the bookkeeper and divorced Jennifer, we assumed that she got 50% of profits from TWiT. This would explain Leo’s extravagant lifestyle and how much crap he buys “for the shows” because “it’s his job.”

It appears, however, that she took a lump sum that Leo and Lisa are still paying off. On iOS Today, Leo was nice enough to show us his conversation with the CeHO regarding this arrangement. Note: There may be other financial terms as well, such as ongoing royalties from profits, but we will probably never know.

We thought readers might find this interesting. Thanks to <QNXMonkey> for the tip.

It has come to our attention through the comments that many people may not know how the iMessage user interface works. The recent message displayed in the list could have either been sent or received. We don’t know who asked the question. Leo could have asked Lisa or the reverse could be true.

Lisa Laporte
“How much of Jennifer’s note have we paid off to date? Do you know…”

Leo Laporte's Messages Show Apparent Confirmation from Lisa
Leo Laporte’s Messages Show Apparent Confirmation from Lisa