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Chad is OUT – Updated

What #soup calls an an ordinary day-to-day occurrence may be more than meets the eye. Long standing employee Jason Howell has, for years, had his schedule as set in stone as the lunch order of one extra large soup for Leo and one small salad with a small piece of salmon for the lovely and talented Sarah Lane. (Which she rarely even finishes.) That stone’s setting has apparently been shaken.

Vaaaatttttssss Uuuuuup
Vaaaatttttssss Uuuuuup

Judging by the purple on the screen (above) it appears that Jason is off of TNT duties and onto manning the controls of Macbreak Weekly and other big shows. But it is that something else, wich is amiss, that caught #drama’s attention. What was announced as a “shakeup of the  producers schedule” could actually be a firing. The employees all know to shut-up or suffer the consequences so you won’t hear this news anywhere else.


What is not up for debate is this, Chad is out as a full timer at TWiT. He is down to one show, the GizWhiz, which translates to at-most 180 days worth of employment. Of course all fired employees are announced as members of BYB. Remember, Justin Young was also announced as continuing on BYB (although he has still not appeared there) and of course Shannon is on BYB. That show is like the way station for the one-way train out of town. The strategy of not announcing that people are being fired or quitting seems to be fooling most of the morons in #twitlive. Unfortunately, that don’t fly in #drama and our IRC is based in Iceland. Brrrrrrr it’s cold in here, we must get truth out of here.

No one is pointing fingers but...
No one is pointing fingers but…

Speculation had been swirling as to why the change. Has Chad moved on to something else? (Updated – No) Has being friends with Brian Brushwood become a capital offense?(Updated – Yes)  It was odd that Reddit Up had its lifespan cut short while Padre’s Corner is in full swing, neither show was awash in ads. Head-scratcher! I tell ya.

The ex-employee list grows longer with each day. But yea, everything is ok at TWiT, #TotalDrama makes stuff up.
Anyway, all of us are fellow castaways of TWiT, and the team at #TotalDrama wishes Chad well and expects him to do well wherever he ends up. He even has a Patreon set up if you want to help out.