We can't get enough of the shit on TWiT.The founding of this blog is rooted in the deep need to get the #truth out about what is happening at the once-great TWiT enterprise. Much as Nero famously fiddled while Rome burned, TWiT founder Leo Laporte grows lazy and ignores his empire. We at #drama are of the fond notion that by bringing the hypocrisy and the daily lies to light, that we may indeed not have to witness the inevitable. But in the meantime, we’ll shit on them as much as possible.


The Apocalypse of 2014
The catastrophic event that many fans decry as the beginning of the downfall of the TWiT network occurred on December 9, 2013 with the announcement of the firing of beloved longtime TNT host Tom Merritt. It worsened when his replacement, #Gumbot (Mike Elgan), was announced. The black hole of despair deepened when Iyaz Akhtar quit and did not end until both Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young left. The rise of the prominence of Father Robert Ballecer was the end of TWiT as we know it.* Some include the “Sarah Incident” as a subsection of The Apocalypse. (See below.)
The fabulous twituncovered.com posted a video of the moment that Iyaz was set free from the tyranny of Twit:

The “Sarah Incident”
After the most awful premiere of Gumbot on TNT and with no one to blame but himself, the deluded #soupguzzler went off on Sarah Lane (an Angel on Earth) for no reason other than naked inward aggression with nowhere to direct it. This incident was captured on the livestream:

The “Richardyea Incident”
The deluded #soupguzzler went off on Richardyea (also an angel on Earth) after an innocent tweet telling the ego-maniacal Leo Laporte that he should not give stock advice to his listeners. The incident was also recorded live by the diligent #drama team:

The awkwardness and wretched communication skills of #gumbot were on full display recently when he started talking to his new co-host Sarah Silbert (a striking woman, but not nearly as lovely as Sarah Lane) about “turd covered Pop-Tarts.” Ms. Silbert gracefully kept her composure but was clearly disturbed by the complete inappropriateness of the wooden-headed host known as Lgum. The grotesque video can be seen here:

 “Fuck you, you’re dead to me”
After Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young were banned from TWiT for no known reason, the two youngsters, in an inebriated state, went online to lament their banning. The #soupguzzler became aware of this while on one of his many over-indulgent vacations. He not only ignored their public praise of TWiT, he responded to their compliments with “Fuck you you’re dead to me” and threats of punching Brian in the face,

Leo Laporte exposed his genitalia to his audience during a live “The Tech Guy” episode. After the main stream media picked up the story from Total Drama, the #guzzler went on to blame one member of the #TotalDrama community. He roused a failed attempt to rile his fan base against this innocent person. (Only PadreSJ followed #soupguzzler’s lead) He then went on to issue an edict closing both the live stream and chatroom. His edict was quickly rescinded, he is thought to have realized that he would be unable to preform on “The Tech Guy” without his chatroom to feed him information. The gruesome photo is below.

Long time friend and fan-favorite John C Dvorak had been quietly banned from the TWiT network ‘of and on’ by Leo Laporte for most of 2015. Laporte was often seen maligning, insulting and ridiculing his friend as well. However, when JCD tweeted an opinion about media coverage (and TWiT coverage) of a news event, #Soup went bonkers and set off on a path he would not recover from. His lunacy culminated with the public banning of JCD. Fans around Twitter united in an emotional virtual-gathering-together on-line by using the hashtag #IStandWithJCD.


Captain Juno is an unidentified freedom fighter in The Effort against the lies of Twit. He is known to spare nothing in exposing what needs to be exposed; unmasking what needs to be unmasked; and video-ing what needs to be videoed. Bless you Cap Juno, for all that you do—and all that you will do.

Here’s the link to his YouTube, a must-see for all fans of #TotalDrama and #truth.

A true hero in every meaningful sense of the word, the @LeoLaporteSucks Twitter account is forever reserved an honored seat in the Pantheon of Heroes of the Effort. Through sheer force of his various chron scripts and a fierce dedication to hand-crafted #truth Tweets, @LeoLaporteSucks works tirelessly to advance the cause of enlightenment worldwide. And for this, we applaud heartily and with a genuine spirit of comradery.

Here’s a classic example of his electronic artistry, that has been updated continuously since August 2011:


Leo Laporte, the chief freak at TWiT
(many thanks to @leolaportesucks):

  • #soup
  • #soupguzzler
  • #schmuck
  • #Obese-Glutton
  • Piece of Shit
  • Theeeeeeeeeeeee Tech Guy

Lisa Kentzell, Leo’s girlfriend and alleged CEO:

  • #CEHo
  • #Cunchress
  • #Six-Yards
  • #gold-digger
  • #Nympho-Mistress
  • Lisa Cuntsell
  • Sheo (a play on “she” and part of “Leo”)
  • The Third Mrs. Laporte

Mike Elgan, host of the wretched TNT:

  • Elgum
  • Lgum
  • Eldumb
  • Gum
  • Gumbot
  • #fruitrags

Sarah Lane, formerly the best and brightest broadcaster at TWiT (now working at TechCrunch):

  • The Angel

The “late” Don Reisinger, departed TNT co-host (presumed missing or dead):

  • Jason Reisinger
  • #EdieReingold
  • #Reingold

Joe Panettieri, TNT co-host:

  • #CokeRage
  • #CokeBoy

Father Robert Ballecer:

  • Padre Society of Yeezus
  • #FatHole
  • Asshole of the World
  • Religious Clownsuit Wearing Fraud

Tonya Hall:

  • Two Ton Tonya
  • #CrazyEyes
  • Large Marge
  • The Donut Muncher

TWiT Brickhouse:

  • TWiT Shithouse
  • The Shithouse
  • Shit Brickhouse
  • Brick Shithouse
  • #Soup Warehouse

There are others and will be added as I am reminded of them. Thanks!

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  1. I don’t care what’s happening at TWiT, as long as Leo and the whole operation are suffering. Leo’s an imbecile and the lineup he’s got going there is full of halfwits.

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  2. Yall are some envious haters… I didn’t know people acted like this outside of 1980’s John Hughes movies… Even your worst (hardly bad at all) examples of things Leo has said are far better than what your own words say about you.

    If you can do better, I suggest you start your own podcast networks… But, I haven’t seen any tech podcasters that can hold a candle to the content Twit is putting out..

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  3. >> But, I haven’t seen any tech podcasters that can hold a candle to the content Twit is putting out..
    Of course you’re entitled to your opinion but I have to disagree with you on this point. I think Tom Merritt’s DTNS is really good. For Open Source advocates I think a lot of the shows put out by Chris Fisher’s Jupiter Broadcasting is much, much more engaging than anything on the TWIT network, past or present.

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    1. When I first learned of the TWiT network, my dream was that it would reunite everyone from TechTV, and essentially be the internet equivalent of the awesome learning environment ZDTV/TechTV was in those first few wonderful years! But that dream was murdered! WTF is going on ? What is Lisa’s end game? WHAT IS SHE PLAYING AT?!? Go back and watch some TechTV videos and tell me if Leo has not not completely turned into a bitter, elitist, brainwashed prick! Now, with Discovery Digital Networks’ wholesale destruction of Revision3, I do not have much left!

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  4. I really wish I could go up there to Petaluma, and punch Leo in the frakking nose everytime he insults people who buy music and movies on physical media! OMG, “This Week in Let’s insult Everyone We Can”, was painful to watch! They ALL sucked! WOW, this man in no way resembles the man I used to love seeing on ZDTV/TechTV. He has been replace by a pod. How frakking bad was his ex-wife, Jennifer, if Lisa Cuntsell is who he is willing to put up with?

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    1. Please don’t badmouth Jennifer Laporte. For all we know she is an innocent in all of this. She always seem to shy away from all of the self indulgent / self important / self promoting. Maybe she just wasn’t the sycophant type that Leo likes to surround himself with – so he decided to give up an emotionally mature and grounded woman for what he has now. His family must be proud (sarcasm).

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  5. If we could determine exactly when the affair between Ms. Kentzell and Mr. Laporte began, history might someday refer to the firings of Mr. Dane Golden and Mr. Tom Merritt as the first and second beheadings of the Kenzell Jihad against the Twit Army.

    Just sayin’ and best regards

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    1. I’m guessing that Leo & Lisa started screwing around while traveling to and for TWiT business. I wouldn’t be surprised if their affair wasn’t noticed by more than a few of Leo’s podcasting friends while he was out and about . I’ll bet early on, Amber caught him screwing around and decided to pull away from hosting NAN with Leo, that’s when Sarah stepped in. And about the time Abby was pulled back from Bard and her breakdown, would have been the time Leo and Lisa really made their relationship visible to all except Leo’s audience.

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  6. Been listening to leo from the very beginning. At one point my listening podcast ratio was 80% Twit. Then the “Gold Digger” showed up. Being a home-breaker was not enough for her. She had to go and fire Eric Lanigan and Tom Merrit. Sordid sexting and live humilation of hosts was not enough for this bitch, she just had to go and f’up the only decent thing on the “air waves” .

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    1. Erik would probably still be alive today if it wasn’t for Leo and Lisa. The whole way they handled it was wrong and to make it worse that vindictive cunt Lisa was laughing and sniggering about it on air like it was funny.

      She’s also did the same thing since then when discussing other staff members losing their jobs.

      Lisa will always find work herself easily enough. The same way she got in the door at TWiT. Dropped her knickers for the boss and got the job.

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  7. I’m sorry to see LeoLaporteSucks twitter account suspended , as a few of you know my anti Leo tweets were regularly featured on LeoLaporteSucks
    So I’m sad to see it down
    If a new LeoLaporteSucks starts up please let me know as I will fill it up with tweets , as many other readers reading this I too have been Banned from @LeoLaporte

    Cheers keep up the good work on this site guys

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  8. “#CEHo
    Lisa Cuntsell
    Sheo (a play on “she” and part of “Leo”)
    The Third Mrs. Laporte” the curious case of slut shaming of this blog is amazing, since u are quick to accuse Leo of bigotry!

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    1. The thing about any shaming (slut shaming, bigot shaming, bully shaming, etc…) is that it is only an effective way to embarrass someone who is guilty. You can’t shame someone who hasn’t committed a wrong.

      In other words, do you protest too much?

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  9. Under the first heading ‘The Apocolypse’
    “The rise of the prominence of Father Robert” should be “rise to power”

    Under the heading ‘Dvoraknado’
    “network ‘of and on’ by Leo Laporte for most of 2015” should be “off and on”

    Erik Lanigan video should be added

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  10. Just found this site, and holy shit is this cringey (especially the Grade 6 nicknames). Sarah Lane stalker much? That bitch is irritating as hell. Maybe you sad fuckers need to get out of your basements once in a while and interact with real people.

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  11. This blog screams “pathetic loser”

    If it were true that [some enterprise that is still making money] was in reality a sad shell of it’s former self and now on the beginning of a pathetic decline, what exactly does that make a blog where the blogger dedicates *hundreds of hours* to flying around, like a vulture, waiting for it to die?

    If Leo is a loser, WTF is someone who runs a blog like this!?

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  12. What are you all going to do when TwiT finally goes under? From what I’ve seen and read about their business model, they’ll most likely be out of business in a few years. Once they’re gone, will your Jihad against them be finished? Will your website be taken down?

    Unlike you, I have the courage to post under my real name.

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  13. After the on the Leo’s Radio Show – The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte
    Changes at TWiT announced on Saturday 28th, 2020
    Hands – on Shows will all be cancelled and Layoffs (wonder who)

    Hands – on Tech
    Hands – on Android
    Hands – on Photography
    Hands – on Mac
    Hands – on iOS

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  14. Let’s keep watching the ship sink. More content please. Netcasts you hate from #soupguzzler. RIP Erik. RIP Diamond Club. RIP GameOn. Remember GameOn holy shit. Also, Leo sucks. His poor children and poor Jennifer. What a donkey man. Taylor Herras should come back and make stuff. Rev3 4 Lyfe,
    Hippy Glenn

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