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The Best Damn TWiT Fan Ever: Then They Shunned Me

Back in early 2009 I discovered the TWiT network. I quickly fell in love with it. The idea of some random guy running his own show, telling big media to eff off was great. I quickly fell in love and started subscribing to all the shows, and pretty much had the live stream on 24/7.

Throughout the years my love for TWiT caused me to buy into the TWiT merchandise. I bought the TWiT Fez hat first, the TWiT pillow, my wife made me a custom TWiT tie to wear to work, I even fell for the brick scam.

#Soup and I, before TWiT went to Shit
#Soup and I, before TWiT went to Shit

I even took the time to drive to Detroit to meet my at the time idol, Leo Laporte. I stood in line for 2 hours with the other TWiT Sheep waiting to meet the man that almost everyone in tech looked up to.

At the time, TWiT was still great, so I took no issue in investing in the TWiT merchandise. Then the #CeHo came in, and things slowly fell apart. I don’t need to retell the story, you all know how it went.

twitEven though TWiT seemed to be losing my interest, I kept with it. In 2013 I got married, at the time TWiT was still my favorite thing, so it made perfect sense to get a TWiT grooms cake.

After Tom left I pretty much lost all interest. I still hung around a bit, until I got banned from every single TWiT community for embracing my opinion. Facebook, G+, Twitter, IRC, I was banned from all of them. See the problem is, if you don’t praise everything that #CeHo and #Soup do, your gone.

Since I had already lost interest, I saw no reason to really fight it. Today I give all my spare time to Cordkillers and DTNS, because I would rather give my time and money to people who are genuinely good people, and not in it just for the money. (I’m looking at you #gold-digger) This message is put out there not to whine, but to warn people of the tragedy that is TWiT. I am not a TWiT hater, I once loved TWiT (as you see above). I am now just a former TWiT Army soldier who is lost, and stumbled his way to the light.