Bing Agrees: Lisa Has Ruined TWiT

Bing knows what's up.
Bing knows what’s up.

If you all wanted a quick laugh (to take your mind off the grueling schedule of hate-watching the complete turd festival that TWiT has devolved into), head on over to and type in “Lisa Kentzell” and wait for the autocomplete. What you’ll see may or may not be a surprise depending on your level of loathing for the short-banged, hatchet-faced cunt known as the gold-digger-in-chief, Lisa Laporte.

But who are we to argue with the wisdom of the crowd? Plenty of people are indeed searching for the term “Lisa Kentzell is ruining TWiT” to make it show up so high in legitimate search results. We at Total Drama pride ourselves on our power to effect change, but even the most hardcore TWiT sycophant has to admit that we are not able to game the system to this extent. The truth is in the data.

As always, thanks to one of our loyal readers for submitting this in our feedback link. You can join us in our chat room at any time to talk about #Soup and TWiT’s failings.

34 thoughts on “Bing Agrees: Lisa Has Ruined TWiT”

  1. funny, when I enter her name, only a single suggestion appears in the drop list….’lisa kentzell ruining twit…..there are no other suggestions. I must get the refined suggestion list.

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        1. Both of you ate enough dicks already. You can wear skirts and lick each other while I shoot up my semen up your asses.

          Fuck you,

          joe is a scriptkiddie

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    1. Considering the overwhelming vitriol against him I’m surprised they still let HelloWorld post. I guess they’re too scared to block his posting access or at least moderate it.

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  2. Can you blame Leo? I’d flush my life’s work down the toilet too if I got a whiff of Lisa. That’s a woman who knows what she’s doing and what she wants! Simply irresistible!

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  3. Nice posting. Being for the most part a Google addict it’s enlightening to see Bing does have some redeeming qualities to it. Soon we should be reading about Leo and his media spin machine doing its usual bizarre misdirection of reality — just like TD can magically re-purpose Photoshop from editing images to tweaking things like his weenie video, maybe this time he’ll be accusing you of using a word processor to manipulate Bing auto-completion results.

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