57 thoughts on “Uncanny Resemblance”

  1. Fucking funny

    first glance I thought I thought I was seeing double


    Fat fucking cunt, keep eating fatso, judgement day is coming soon and our champagne is a chilling

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  2. Don’t get what? Is your name Carl from Sling Blade? Have you ever seen ghostbusters? Do you not understand what pure gluttony looks like? Maybe the people having a hard time understanding this suffer from the same problem. So before you reply, go sit in front of a mirror and shovel food into your mouth hole like it is the furnace of a steam engine. Then submit your resume to TWiT. Unless you already work there, In that case enjoy the ride while it lasts… *waves at Mike Elgan and stares*

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  3. “Ok Google. Note to self: just found out about gfycat. I can’t wait to tell all those retarded joe baboons on the radio show about it. I’ll look like a god. Also, order more Nature Box. Don’t tell Lisa.”


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  4. Yikes look how he just shoveled the entire bag of unhealthy snacks down to his belly. Then tells his audience how his doctor told him he has diabetes. Too funny, this dude is off the rails big time and he better get back to reality before he loses a foot to the dreaded “sugar” disease, that is no joke!

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  5. WTF ???

    Those of you coming in here and complaining you don’t get…


    Are you that blind or so far up King Leo’s ass?? You can’t see the “King without clothes” right in front of you??
    dammm I think I confused you again
    my bad

    go eat a dick

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  6. When you view it on a mobile device, all you get is the first frame, so that might be the cause of your confusion.

    When you view it on a computer, you see video of Leo shoveling food into his gaping maw, and then you see one of the ghosts from GhostBusters doing the same, and then it repeats.

    Separated at birth? Could be.

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        1. Android == big boy phone. IPhone == baby phone. Learn proper html5 idiots. Chrome is the best at rendering html5 and if you can’t make it work well on chrome, you are an idiot.

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          1. It’s a proper HTML5 <video> embed. Chrome on desktop plays it fine. Safari on iOS plays it fine. Chrome on iOS plays it fine. Perhaps your “big boy” phone is at fault, you moron; eat a dick. I’d love for you to point out the error in the <video> embed. It even has multiple sources (webm and mp4).

            In closing, eat a dick, you clueless piece of shit.

            Lady Bird Johnson

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          1. I asked our resident HTML5 expert “joe” for help on making it show up on his poor people phone we don’t have for testing. So far, he hasn’t come up with why our perfectly valid <video> embed that works on Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Mobile Safari, and Chrome on iOS doesn’t work on his poor people phone.

            We also provided a link later when we learned about the poor people phones not displaying the video/gif. I have only invited “joe” to eat a dick, not you, since you are a regular commenter.

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          2. Hey I’m a regular commenter too. I don’t offer my html5 abilities to idiots who ear dicks. Again, if you can’t make a video work on chrome, you are an idiot.

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          3. Dear Trolls, I decided to help. Here is the issue with Chrome on android. Very simple once you know what you are doing.

            Your issue is you did not add the controls onto the video player so it just shows the poster you specified. at the end of the video tag add “controls” like this: . This will give the standard compliant browsers controls on the video to play it. FYI autoplay does not work on mobile devices.

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  7. What a tub of fuck.

    In a rare break from stuffing his face, he also took the time to shit on his pal Steve Gibson yet again, this time on TWIT. Unlike Leo’ chatroom sycophants, I don’t think Steve is into that.

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      1. the only amateur here is you. learn a thing or two about computers and how they work before you comment.

        then get out of your mom’s basement since all you do is watch twit all day. don’t forget to donate to leo’s lunch, bitch.

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    1. he exposes the truth about twit.

      twit is nothing more than an asylum full of idiots and a few capable broadcasters who can’t escape leo’s/lisa’s dictatorship.

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    2. The real question is: why does Leo keep talking about VR porn, and taunting the diabeetus overlords with his porkly lifestyle? Is he making his own gravy?

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    3. I can only answer for myself, but this is what I think.

      This site serves as a home for those of us who where once fans of Leo, but after getting to know him, have come to realize that he and Lisa are ruining the network, and treating people like dirt. Once you see this you can not, not see it anymore.

      Since TWiT does not have anyway to give feedback, we hang out here, and have fun making friends in the chat room, reading humorous posts, and calling out the things we see by exposing the truth about TWiT.

      This site is not to hurt anyone, troll, or disrupt anyone or anyones business. We generally stick to ourselves.

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  8. “Hey Nobody”

    This site is to call out Chief Cunt Leo’s. ( CEOHO’s) every fucking lie, BS and mind fuck game Leo uses on his “Twit sheep” before,during and after each show.

    So if TD posts articles that doesn’t seem to make any sense to you it maybe because your one of the
    “Twit Sheep” or you maybe King Cunt Leo himself.

    so fuck off , eat a dick and head back to Twits chatroom

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  9. HAHAHAHHAHA OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO FUNNY!!!!111!! YOU DID THAT THING WITH THE OTHER THING AND IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!!1!1!! God you people are pathetic scum of the earth. Your only come back is ” eat a dick” Your fucking preschoolers. No one likes you. I hope you are bullied because you deserve it. For real. Your not worth life. Let that sink in and do what you should with that info.

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