The paradox of paradoxes

The following was sent to me from Captain Juno. The Captain is afraid and receiving threats.

Is he in danger
Is he in real danger?

The captain has made all his videos private (except one) due to these threats. We must unite and get YouTube to change its policies. This bill cosby (if that is his real name) is a troll. Junogate is out of control.

Update 1: In case anyone missed the point. The Captain is not a victim of online harassment. The Captain is not in fear for his life.  YouTube, Twitter and every other online service do not need to change their policies. People are silly on the internet and say silly stuff. Ignore it. We do not need the YouTube API to write an anti-troll script.

Update2: I am sad to report that Captain Juno was killed in a car bombing.

Update 3: Just kidding

8 thoughts on “The paradox of paradoxes”

      1. Maybe, but you are ‘bill cosby’. You really want us to believe a leobot posted this? Their online manners have been beaten into them by the TWiT chatroom.

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  1. He should report that threat to YT and gethe Cosby banned.

    Juno has nothing to gear. It’s just one of Leo’s butt buddies blowing smoke. Soupschlurper puts out its product using a CC license. There is nothing to fear.

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  2. Zon’s idea is perfect. These vicious emails should spur the good doctor to make those videos public again, too. Don’t let soupguzzler’s cronies intimidate you, good captain.

    I’m an attorney, and there is nothing libelous or threatening about those videos. It’s called free speech and people like cosby, whose dick is far up his boss’s arse, cannot do a thing about it.

    And even if they were, it would cause that fat turd to spend money for discovery, which that cheap fuck would never do.

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