The History of #Drama

Questions needs answers.

I guess the best place to start is at the beginning. Where did Drama come from, who are these drama people and what was the genesis of the movement that shook Silicon Valley to its core, and of course, what became of them? It was December of 2013 when the news broke that Merritt was not being rehired and Elgan was taking over TNT. A few days later iYaz quit and soon thereafter there was the incident involving the lovely and talented Sarah Lane, later the duo of Brian and Justin were banned, then Amber, lies, Shannon, more lies, Chad and on and on.

And So it Goes
And So it Goes

But it was in January and February of the 2014 year when people were being kicked from the #Twitlive chatroom for voicing their opinions. The moderaters elevated their nastiness and lie upon lie surfaced to quell the distrust. A new IRC was set up in a place called Europe for the Cordkillers show and being that many of TWiT’s shunned outcasts congregated there, a certain amount of negativity towards TWiT would constantly bubble up to the surface. It began to disturb the shows so the guy who ran the IRC created a new room where people  with Drama could voice their opinions without derailing the programs. It was a quarantined area similar to New York in the movie Escape from New York. They banished all the trouble makers into one place away from normal society, and he named the room what you already guessed, #Drama.

The room quickly became the place where everyone with issues against TWiT came to vent and laugh. The laughter was a major component as many people laughed at some of the insanity going on at their former infotainment home. People traveled great distances to #drama from all walks of life. Many came who had never even watched recent shows but had issues from days gone by. There were varying degrees of hatred, as some had issues with this whilst others had issues with that. Famous Podcasters, current twit hosts and former employees all came by to pay their respects.
That chat room grew and had much to say.

Pay Attention
Pay Attention

Soon people came to #Drama for news and truth. It was then that the blog was born. An IRC was deemed too small and the message to great. Magnificent works of art being showcased on YouTube and Gifs that were worth two thousand words were displayed in this humble IRC. The content in IRC was expanding and needed room, it needed a website…..

One member and one admin started the blog with no stated purpose. They moved away from the cordkillers IRC and created totaldrama. It grew organically with no structure. More and more came and anyone, even myself,  was allowed to write for the site. As time went by got sources, real sources and experts. People who wanted to know what was up came to the blog daily. Scoops broke here, if someone was fired, if a lie was exposed or if a video was made it would be on TD.O first. Chad’s firing, Shanon’s firing, Sarah’s replacement and other scoops. The numbers were staggering and the blog kept growing. There were many who tried to mimic its success and others who tried to stifle the site but neither met any success. So it evolved and morphed and evolved some more.

More Intensity
More Intensity

At some point the original admin went MIA [Missing in Action] but the blog continued. No leadership was ever needed and no authority was ever pressed. The organizational structure would best be compared to the terrorist group Al Qaeda. No leadership alongside a bunch of nutcases who all had their own agendas (including me) writing away. Most lived under the shade of anonymity as a harmony of disharmony ensued with surprisingly little arguments or drama. Ironic. The content of the site became precious, my precious. But without an admin on hand, worry came front and center. No one knew how long the site was paid for or where it was even hosted. Many of you remember the next event that became known as the Exodus to the EU. A great deal of technical knowledge was needed to move the site without admin access. Let’s just say l33t skeelz were needed.  So the site moved and .EU was unearthed with new admin but mostly the same characters and writers.

Make One Man Dance and Another Man Sing
Make One Man Dance and Another Man Sing

The burgeoning community had aspects of both a utopia and dystopia (which is not a word according to spellcheck, #WTF) Now, were lines crossed? Probably. Did people voice their disagreement when this happened? Always.   So if one disagreed with a name calling or a picture or a target, the dissent would be heard. This was the redeeming factor, In Sparta a man is held accountable for his words, even a messenger.

And so it went that .Eu was the new home of drama. Days and weeks went by with more scoops and more news and always drama. But when the benefactor of drama left, despair took hold as the days of Drama seemed destined to end. But so it came to pass that a new benefactor came and once again there was peace for drama. One man alone was writing and another did admin and they battled the naysayers and continued amidst gloomy days and nights, but soon even these happy days would end.

Those pigs look tasty
Those pigs look tasty

One need only to look at the Twitter account of one man to see that he did not view drama lightly. His enemy, they were, and he swore to stop them. And so it went that this man huffed and puffed and blew and drama fell. Just as Europe fell in WW2, so too .Eu fell. And so it goes, drama was no more.

The question that remains is ‘what now?’ It seems the original .org is still afloat. What now? Like all great riddles of the universe there is no answer….no one knows.

Long live Sarah Lane and may God bless America and not Europe.


41 thoughts on “The History of #Drama”

  1. Thanks for this post. I came in late to Totaldrama, so I never knew its origins. I do disagree with this: “the lovely and talented Sarah Lane.” She is neither. She is average looking, doesn’t know enough about the subject she covers, and has only a superficial glibness that masquerades as talent.

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    1. She was there merely to add a female element to TWiT. She never contributed anything of any substance to the shows she appeared on. I’ve heard countless opinions from others matching this. I think the only positives I’ve ever heard were her presentation skills and general appearance (and considering how long she’s been on TV, I would certainly hope so), average as they were. However, whenever asked to give an opinion, lame would be stretching the truth.

      I recall a week when she was away from TNT in 2013 and a guest host came in to take her place alongside Tom & Iyaz. It was amazing the difference in intelligent content, the show was so much more watchable. Also, the guest host (name escapes me) didn’t appear mere minutes before the start of the show, frantically putting on makeup on camera before the start.

      IMO, she milked her contract with TWiT. If she were offered anything, I’m sure she would have taken it…and then apparently did (sure took a long time though, which is very telling of her rep).

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  2. the downfall of this place is the same as twit: ego and self importance

    i dont care about this ego stroking any more than twit’s self praise. twit didnt invent podcasting and totaldrama did not invent hating on twit.

    richard ya and helloworld’s egos killed this place the same way Leo’s ego killed twit. the chat here is just as petty, sexist and dumb as the crap Leo spouts. its also more racist sexist and homophobic

    also the Sarah love is worse than twit’s gushing over Apple.

    maybe it isnt a bad thing totaldrama is on deaths door.

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    1. Ahhhh, NO, totaldrama is NOT homophobic or racist, TWIT is.
      They have the slob Padre, and recent Jesuit graduates in OK have shown that the JESUITS are the true racists and homophobes, and that hatred is transferred to TWIT and it’s listeners. The pope, Padre’s boss who has the gold, tons of gold, is willing to make Jesuits who have been killed spewing this hatred in El Salvador, on a fast track to sainthood. This is the sickness that is now TWIT. Disgusting how twit supports this racist and homophobic institution of Padre’s by giving more money for gold to the pope. Hate is hate, and that is what we feel we get from twit and the chatroom mods, so we left and found some-place safe, again, thanks #drama!

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  3. landmark events:

    doxxing former twit employees whose parents wished to keep their death private

    suggesting pedophilia and incest

    deleting comments and moderating dissent on the blog

    publishing private details on twit contributors

    HelloWorld throwing a shit fit about certain people in the chat

    using the c-word a record number of times while still pretending to be against sexism

    publishing a twit hosts home address

    turning your back on the ill admin who made this place possible

    soliciting donaions taking money and not being able to keep the site running

    what else?

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  4. To be honest, you can’t truly win against TWiT which is why this site was set up in the first place. Leo’s goons are simply to persuasive and too unethical to ever fully combat and well… they manage to get shit done like ruin your reputation or create a false belief outside of the TWiT IRC.

    I love it when people posed as #drama in my chatroom or when somebody used my name on ‘s IRC while I was forced to watch. They don’t give a shit about my state of mind, all they care about is whether I’m in the IRC, whether I’m watching TWiT and whether or not I’ll become stupid enough to spend money on it.

    I can’t simply support TNT simply because they rip off the hard work of others. I know you may think they’re aware but I don’t believe Elgan is aware; nor is TWiT making any people aware. It’s all just a fantasy world; one where change is not permitted and those who seek change are struck out and targeted.

    HelloWorld and Richard are two different people, even Leo acknowledged this yet to acknowledge HelloWorld as Richard, when he was clearly aware of the differences; what was the purpose of this? So he can claim ignorance and kill two birds with one stone.

    This is podcasting, this is a hobby; not some mindgame to keep your loyalty to a certain network. So what if I have some sort of mental disability, I’m not blind, I can see when you’re sabotaging me or when you’re trying to give me a false sense of security. I want to watch shows, I want to talk the talk, I want to enjoy myself. I don’t want to worry, oh; am I going to be the victim of some manipulation that’ll force me to enjoy an inferior TNT with a shit host.

    We have choice, we have options; we can choose and spread those options. It’s not like he holds a monopoly on podcasting, anybody can do it; it’s just that he has the monopoly on being influential and unfortunately TWiT will find ways to monetize itself and TWiT will find ways to gain a new audience through the nostalgia circuit or people who are unaware of the #drama.

    I’m done. It seems like Frogpants, Diamond Club and even GFQNetwork are all infiltrated with TWiT moles who’s sole purpose is to capitalize on mistakes and lead you on the wrong path. I’m going to a podcast that is far and away from anything TWiT related and after that’s done I’m just going to get myself banned from #twitlive.

    Patrick Delahanty, Fr. Robert Ballsucker (PadreSJ), crucialwax and that short fuck Jeff Needles. I don’t know which one of you is impersonating me but each and every one of you is dead to me.

    And fuck you “bill cosby”, you know everything about us yet you feel the need to track us down? What about your loyal TWiT army?, surely they feel the need to act as your private investigators tracking down jobs, tracking down names, tracking down anything that can take #drama down all so they can enjoy a flub from Mike Elgan or Leo with his sexual bullshit.

    Why do you care about me, I have zero influence and no cash flow. I don’t even focus on myself that much yet you TWiT, you look at me as some sort of Rook. I’m not god, I’m not a successful podcaster, I’m just a guy trying to live his life.

    Last few words: I am aware of your tactics, I have a VPN and I will ensure that you people are exposed for who you are; and I mean as a whole. No more mistakes, no more vulnerability, no more exploitation. You’re not getting a dime from me kid.

    Keep up the good work Richard.

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    1. also no one gives a fuck about you let alone enough to deploy tactics. get on some better medication and stop being so paranoid. if anyone is fucking with you it is only because it is so easy to get a response. tough love but you need it!

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      1. I don’t know… Did Leo not email HelloWorld mentioning my name? Did someone not impersonate me last Tuesday? Did somebody know Abby was on tinder; because I certainly didn’t nor would anybody else know.

        Padre go back to to your own world, I hear they’re giving you a honorary award for being Padre and praising you for being so skinny; oh, and you have lots of people to talk to… mainly yourself.

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  5. I never posted about Erik and he wasn’t doxxed, it was an obit.
    Peddophilia and incest! Wtf?
    I never deleted a comment except spam for Viagra
    I never published private info and the people who did took it down.
    I don’t use the Cword but it’s a word some people use, deal w it & sorry.
    I never published anyone’s address.
    No one turned their back on admin, people tried to get in touch with him and when they couldn’t a succession plan for the blog was deemed appropriate.
    No one took donations, people only contributed.
    The site you love was up 99% of the time, just switched domains once or twice.

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    1. while you were away, shit happened and you were right to distance yourself. critique turned into a sesspool of vulgarity and a real shit show followed. good riddance to HelloWorld and welcome back Richard Ya!

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      1. Thrilled that things are not being run by HelloWorld, everything he said was cringeworthy, cruel, and completely over the top. There are seriously fucked up things happening in TWiT that need to be exposed, but doing it the way he did completely legitimized the information.

        Richard, I don’t know anything about you, just the few posts I’ve read, but keep reporting on TWiT. Throw the other stuff in, fine, but someone needs to hold Leo’s feet to the fire.

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  6. It is fun and entertaining to have a blog and irc that aren’t overrun by idiots. I can filter out things that I dislike or don’t care about and enjoy the ones I do.

    Go into sheeplive and see the intelligent conversation. They are so afraid of banning they talk about nothing. Maybe baking is a hot topic.

    People are a little afraid of Leo and Padre outing them and taking away their jobs or income. That was threatened. So I can understand why contributors stepped back. Who wants to get nuked? Of have ANFO dropped on them. Now that is a word i learnt here.

    So here’s to a hiatus; to the next really great TWiT show; To Leo and Lisa spending his hard earned money; he probably deserves it. She doesn’t.

    Just step back Leo, stop sail down a river called Denial. Your podcast network is crap now. Decide if you want something better or get out.

    Thanks for all the fish.

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    1. Outing, that is what padre and the church do, kick decent people out that do not believe in what they demand you believe. No one has a choice with padre, they are the gate keepers of hatred, and that is what they live for, kicking people out and kicking them down. Always have, always will, it is their mission to keep the lie going. Padre and his church gets off on kicking people out of their kingdom, and by extension, twit. Entitled white man who praises his god by hating on others.

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  7. Anyone else love the Twit Survey?

    Where having cats and dogs gets more space than opinion on the shows?

    Now it has me convinced they’ll have cat food soon to complement the dog and crap food sponsors.

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  8. I don’t think I’m the only Totaldrama reader who follows the blog to keep up with very basic news about what’s going on like…

    Whose the latest person to inadvertantly challenge Lisa’s authority / self-confidence and get fired?

    What’s Leo’s latest a exhale harassment I law suits inducing on-air gaffe?

    How long will it take before Leo realizes saving his network is more important the saving a little face and gets rid of Mike?

    What train-wreck of a show will Lisa push through next?

    Its so nice to get that stuff without having to watch the stream itself. Thats something of a community service.

    Where things go off the rails is when people feel the just have to make things up to be entertaining/get attention, like posts about the size of somebody’s eyebrows or the fact they’re wearing a hat.

    It looks like you have a chance to reset and start over. Good luck.

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  9. I agree with Fred’s post above, except I think Megan’s eyebrows are fair game for discussion. They are disconcerting, unattractive, and need to be trimmed so her eyebrows don’t become the main focus of one’s attention.

    That said, I don’t watch her or Elgan. Their shows are fake news shows. They read other reporters’ original work from organizations that, unlike TWiT, actually gather news from the field through interviews etc. Tom Merritt did the same pretend newscast thing too and probably still does. Aside from stealing news reports, it’s a much better use of one’s time to go to the sites that TWiT’s “reporters” go to and read the stories for oneself.

    I still grit my teeth and suffer the insufferable Leo to watch Sunday TWiT for its sometimes amusing and interesting analysis of the week’s events by sometimes interesting guests. I also still watch Security Now. But that’s it.

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  10. Perhaps its because I’m bored, but I find the thought of doing my own tech show where I just re-enact a TNT episode to be really funny. Plagerizing plagerizers. Especially when Leo and Lisa complain (you know they will) about someone using g their “work”.

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  11. This is my first post here. I really have read every thing carefully.
    I found things of little interest to me. Sarah while I had great hopes is not the bright star I had hoped for.

    Twit will continue to do what it always has done. It will use talent for little or nothing and then throw it away.

    You cannot kill the beast only piss it off.

    I wish you all well and continued success.

    This is my last post.

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