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Ask Jeeves not Jarvis
Ask Jeeves not Jarvis

There are many people who are oh so very happy that a real actor like Robert was brought in to play Ironman. However, much like Johny Bravo, it was just the suit. In truth, Robert is a very below average actor. If you look at his resume you will see that he plays the same character in every film, the ‘arrogant highly intelligent man.’ It gets worse. The way he plays intelligence is by talking fast, he thinks that is what intelligent people do. He must be a moron, *baseball player dumb. He does have comedic timing but that is his only redeeming trait and it can’t camouflage his awful acting.

His filmography peak was Chaplin, his award worthy role. Wrong. Every 15 years a movie comes along that no one will watch yet everyone says is amazing and it wins the academy award. The latest installment of this pattern was Lincoln. No one even saw that entire movie unless they were conned into seeing it in the theater, it sucked. Admit it.

1233546-khaleesiThe other masquerade is Emilia Clarke. Her career is young so I am judging her on her role as Danery’s Targaryen the Stormborn, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains and Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. She can not act, she can’t even move. I will not pass final judgement on her because whoever gave her the 12 pound wig to wear is at least equally culpable. It’s possible the reason the character is so stoic is because she can barely move while simultaneously balancing that thing on her head. Below I have put forth some other styles she might try in season 6, as worn by the lovely and talented Sarah Lane:

Bangs, Shoulder Length or a lighter cut.
Bangs, Shoulder Length or a lengthy lighter cut.

 *Many people think football players are the dumbest athletes but it is baseball players.

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  1. No one cares about your Downey commentary. And Lane is far from lively and talented. She has a long face (not unlike a chipmunk) and is haughty as all hell. Let’s not forget her failed marriage in her early 20s.

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  2. This blog sucks donkey balls. Do us all a favor and shut it down. Set up the web chat as the starting page and put up a note explaining that this is the chatroom for everyone who got banned from the cunts over at #twitlive. You could set up a donate button as well to cover your expenses to keep the irc server running.

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