Hey Hey Hey and a How Dee Doo

Why do so many of us find the #Soupguzzler’s overt sham of a personality so offensive?

I forget where I read or heard an interesting theory on the comicbook hero Superman and his alias, Clark Kent. The thought was that Superman is an alien from Krypton. When he created Clark Kent he was attempting to invent a persona that would fit in with Earthlings. So the performance Superman does when pretending to be Clark Kent is essentially what Supe thought of us Earthlings. (OMG Supe is short for Superman and #soup is…) And how would we describe Clark? He is a stumbling, bumbling, babbling fool. So essentially, Superman believed the human race was a bunch of fools.

A doofus like no other
A doofus like no other

Now let us look at the fake persona our favorite fatman has invented. The man has a fake laugh he delivers on cue. He pretends to like or care for his fans and colleagues. He acts like anyone he encounters is remotely interesting to him and not meaningless ants whose sole purpose is to buy TWiT shirts and download his podcasts. He fakes caring about holidays and religion when in reality he finds theists to be fools. He pretends to care about sports when in actuality he deems it an inherent waste of his time.  He smiles at you while counting the seconds until you leave his presence. He hates people and wants only to eat, have sex, read and play chess. Truly, the man holds humanity in contempt and I admit it, this is the one thing I have in common with him, I kinda like this aspect of the big guy.

*Editors Note* Drama never takes vacation.

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