Google Confirms #TotalDrama findings

It seems the nerds at Google, Inc. know what they’re doing. No wonder @profjeffparvis is such a fan. It appears the waning interest in the notorious know-it-all is actually confirmed by science. Based on high-level scripts and [ro]bots combing the entire Internet and meticulously calculating every bit of information, the findings forecast the man will be done by 2015.

Google confirms possible imminent demise of TWiT
Google confirms possible imminent demise of TWiT

#TotalDrama didn’t need to show you this unassailable proof—as we have known this all along—but we felt the few remaining hold-outs in the hellholish #twitlive could use the factoids.

Dedicated #TwiTLive fans protest Google findings

6 thoughts on “Google Confirms #TotalDrama findings”

  1. Since we were kicked out of chat room many months ago, we have not listened to TWIT since then, do not miss it, move on with your life. The big corporations have succeeded in destroying creativity on the web, shutting down millions of websites for soooo many reasons, it is jut no fun any more.

    Ever notice how painful it is for Leo to get up from a chair?
    Ever notice how painful it is to see Padre’s over stuffed body that seems ready to explode from all the free food from the church? IT is extreme, no longer respect Twit for any reason. Leave it die a slow death, it is on palliative care now. Padre is there to say its last rites, then go back to propaganda from the pope. The church and twit believe everyone on earth is stupid. Glad to leave them. Thanks to Totaldrama for reminding us why we left, missing nothing.

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  2. Very interesting graph on search popularity…I think you hit the nail on the head.

    If I was a betting man, I’d say Leo’s plan several years ago was to dump a bunch of money into a new studio, equipment, staff, etc. and generate enough attention so that a larger entity…perhaps a CNET or an AOL or something would buy TWiT.

    When that failed to happen, he started scaling back in major ways and digging his heels into every show possible to not attribute any show’s success to anyone but himself.

    He’s probably pissed to no end that Dvorak and Norton never joined TWiT, and even that Martin Sargent opted to leave hosting to work as a marketing guy within some random company.

    I think Leo’s plan all along was to to make a mini TechTV and then sell it off, so he could cash out like Kevin Rose did (I always felt he was jealous of Kevin’s success).

    What I find funny is that he bitches about people like Tom Merritt wanting too much (like getting a raise to 300k annually, wasn’t that right?) but if you hop on over to the Patreon campaign for Tom (, he’s bringing in $13,000 monthly! Do the math, and that’s $156,000. For a guy with no real distribution or wide brand recognition like TWiT, if he can justify an annual pay of that amount from listeners, surely he was worth that much to TWiT.

    I’m no Tom fan, I’m just stating that Leo had no real intention on funding peoples’ high wages for very long. I think he was looking for a way to cash out and perhaps shove it in the face of “old media” who did him wrong….and I think the ship sailed on that plan back in 2013. I think what we’re seeing now is the twilight of TWiT.

    Would not shock me at all if 2015 is the last big year of TWiT, as I don’t see Leo continuing to pay for all these people and a studio he cares nothing about. Besides, doesn’t the studio lease expire in 2015 anyways?

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    1. Yeah Patrick Norton is essentially unemployed and Leo would do anything to get him, except for paying him obviously, because Patrick chose doing Patreon stuff instead of working for Leo.

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    2. He wanted that much? Holy shit, with some investments and whatnot he could bring in half a mil a year? Wow…

      Maybe if he got that raise he would have fixed those god awful teeth of his.

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  3. Good points. If you go back to a show clip on your site, Leo pontificates that twit is worth $30 m. Lisa is on is right, her eyes spin, you can see the $$$$ signs in that big head! But, Leo also promises to give half to Jennifer, for all she did to help! Excuse me, Leo you live in California, one half goes to Jennifer by law, not because you are being generous. Jennifer is one smart cookie. This is why I believe Leo and Lisa are not married yet. Wearing rings (remember Lisa picked out a doozy) does not make it legal. Could Leo begin to see the writing on the wall? 2015 will be the year of the TWIT. As an extra, did you see Mike this morning? Shame, he could not even get into Windows to do the show. Leo says he is a top notch journalist and so on top of tech etc. Me thinks Mike should get a cooking show on TWIT. Can’t wait to DVR the New Years party, should give us a real look into the world of TWIT FOR 2015! Happy New Year to all.

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    1. Really? Mike couldn’t even start up Windows to use it?

      I understand if people have a preference for Apple products, but Windows is pretty darn easy to figure out. The way it works on a basic level has not changed since the mid-90s. And if I had to make a guess, and Windows 8/8.1 machine at TWiT likely has Start8 or equivalent that brings back a start menu and hides metro stuff.

      I don’t see why Mike feels he is qualified to talk about tech all day if he truly can’t use Windows.

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