A retrospective

It is important to look back and see if we were wrong, if we made mistakes and if we misspoke. Do we need to apologize?
Tell me, were we wrong or was this a load of bullshit?

Here is a video we played for you a while back, now it is time to look at it with fresh eyes.

17 thoughts on “A retrospective”

  1. That chunky guy sounds like he is on the board of directors. Hilarious. Is he the Lorax? Does he speak for the TWiTs? Does he have any right to talk about Shannon? It’s none of his business. I guess you gotta act bigger than you are at twit, or you will get canned.

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  2. While I think a lot of comments here about Father R. tend be a bit harsh and trollish (at least through my lame, timid eyes) I do think there’s a nugget of truth all those nasty comments are based upon. His take on Shannon’s exit from 101 was disingenuous at best but mostly crap.
    I don’t have a lot of animosity towards the guy, mostly I think CEO Lisa should be the primary target for TD’s rants, then Leo for letting his TWIT take a nose dive into obscurity. Everyone else there are either hapless victims or fodder for the mill.

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    1. I hoped when I saw this video for a second time that I would have seen it in a different light but I have to say exactly what I said before.

      The video shows someone that blindly defends Leo & Lisa and seems to be working on trying to pour oil onto the storm water to try and calm it and acting as the SpokesHole for TWiT.

      Sadly there are those at TWiT that are not victims. Padre was happy to be an accomplice in the removal of Shannon Morse in the background and he certainly wouldn’t have been making this video or making this statement if it had not been spotted by the eagles eyes of members at Total Drama.

      In fact time and again the Friar has shown that he will happily lie to protect Leo Laporte or Lisa Kentzell! This is not something that should be taken lightly. I could understand if it was Needles but it was not Needles who is merely a free floating hemorrhoid whose normally only seen when he has slipped out of either Leo or Lisa’s backside and is normally just a pair of tiny legs hanging of the cracks the either asses. When it is someone that should be showing a higher moral standard because he is a ‘man of God’ it makes you wonder who his real god is? He seems to put Leo Laporte above the moral standards that the Bible wants people to meet and the need to protect them as more important that the lessons of the Bible!

      This video is indefensible proof that the Padre is not a man of God, he is a man of TWiT and it disgusts me that he wears that religious uniform and acts like he is above those life rules that the bible tries to get people to live by!

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    1. Yes and no. I’m not on coding 101 anymore, but I’m back on Before you Buy…
      And if by ‘gone’ you mean, no longer doing podcasts… I’m currently working on several shows, with a new one releasing sometime within the next couple of weeks via Discovery. Yay! Opportunity!

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  3. He’s the ultimate yes-man. I’m always impressed by his breadth of knowledge but the man is a complete asskisser of the highest order. My skeptical nature immediately scrutinizes a morbidly obese man (clearly void of discipline) who claims to have the extreme devotion required to be a priest. …a supposed “man of God” who has opportunistically built a career on his love of technology paired with the gimmick of his “faith”. He vows to live in poverty and spends virtually every waking moment attempting to bask in the meager spotlight of TWiT. Is that all that fuels this psychopath? Does he truly believe that discussing enterprise technology or teaching idiots how to fly drones or building a home user’s piracy infrastructure on Know How is the best use of his God-given energy, vessel, and finite time spent on Earth?

    As a side note, I do hope that he took advantage of opportunities to pleasure himself in the TWiT bathrooms or basement, because working with Snubs and gazing at her MIRACULOUS RACK would push any man to his breaking point, particularly those whom have taken an arbitrary, nonsensical vow of celibacy. We all know what those priests do when confronted with human urges..

    Padre’s future is secure only because his service can be compensated by a meager donation to the church. He’s a modestly profitable asset to the cloaked molesters and the equivalent of Chinese slave labor to Soupy Laporte and his Chief Executive Mistress. He will gladly stab his closest friends or co-hosts in the back if it means more airtime or a guest-hosting gig the next time the disgusting duo pawn off her hateful, fat bastard step-/child and go on a European swingers tour. What a sad, phony, wretch of a man.

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  4. He certainly doesn’t live like a priest by his actions. I think the costume is only a novelty factor and he would not have been hired otherwise. Leo and Lisa’s eyes must have lit up the minute they saw him and knew he’d be cheap and exploitable.

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