Leo, Shannon and Sarah

Get your mind out of the gutter Monsieur Laporte, this is not some sick fantasy of yours. What follows here  is a detailed introspective  of how the latest Sarah incident is directly related to the latest Shannon incident. In this story reported by Helloworld, we saw Leo say the following to Sarah while leering at an adorable and fashionable short skirt she wore,  “You can’t see anything except a dark triangle.”  This was an obvious allusion  to the pubic tuft of hair often found above a woman’s genitalia. (Asked for comment, Sarah-Lane-expert Richard Yes had this to say, “anyone who watches Sarah do a Harry’s Razor ad while focusing on her telling smile is keenly aware that there is no such triangle.) A good point but not the angle we are working on here.

Scream or Laugh? No One Knows!

The question remains, is this a form of sexual harassment? Judging by the reaction of Miss Lane it appears it was not. She smiled, she chuckled, she retorted with another joke. However the behavior of Mr. Laporte  needs to be examined in its entirety on an institutional level. Firstly, it should be noted that this behavior, if not from a boss, would not be illegal. Often grownups, like my mom and dad, make adult jokes with each other, especially friends. But then why is this behavior inappropriate? Laporte could just say he was acting as a good friend in a joking manner. To answer this question we need to examine another joke by a TWiT employee.

My Name is Sarah, with an H Dumbass
My Name is Sarah, with an H Dumbass

When Shannon responded to a joke on Twitter regarding Lisa, the joke resulted in her *termination. Boom, Lisa didn’t like the joke, so Shannon was shown the door. Well, what if Sarah didn’t like what Leo said, what if it made her uncomfortable? Too bad princess. Jokes are acceptable only when his majesty the boss Leo or his girlfriend/CEO say it’s acceptable! This my fine feathered friends is why it’s sexual harassment, allegedly.  Remember when Sarah returned from her trip and found herself the victim of a prurient shoulder rub by Laporte, what if Jason walked into CEO’s office and began to rub her shoulders? The lawmakers put sexual harassment laws on the books for this very reason. Without these edicts, the boss says what he wants and the employee acquiesces. If you think this is a two way street you will find yourself in a serious head-on collision.

The actual time window to file a sexual harassment claim will vary by state. Sarah may want to file within the next 180 days to see if she has a claim and could own TWiT by the end of November. Who knows? Tom Merritt may find himself back from whence he came.

Read more: http://employment-law.freeadvice.com/employment-law/sexual_harassment/time_limitations.htm#ixzz3Gmehr82e
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*It should be noted that the exposé by #TotalDrama resulted in a temporary stay of the Shannon termination.

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