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Really, Christina Warren, really?

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Christina Warren (aka Film_Girl, aka, Poop_Girl, aka FlimsyCunt) appeared on a recent “This Week in Tech” looking like a suburban turd. Her greasy hair and over-done eye makeup is really just too much. She claims to live in Brooklyn. Listen up, honey. That makeup is more suited to Staten Island or the Bridge-and-Tunnel crowd than the hipster enclave of Brooklyn.

First of all, WHAT are those stringy pieces of blackened kelp hanging off the back of her head? And please don’t tell me that that is her actual hair. It looks like she’s got nasty Johnny Depp-style pirate hair. And secondly, does she really think that a touch of rouge is going to reverse decades of built-in ugly?

So why don’t you come clean already and confess that you are not camera-ready and stick to doing “Tech News Today” while hiding behind a still image and using audio-only Skype.