Diamond Club Sweeps Podcast Awards

I'll huff and I'll puff
I’ll huff and I’ll puff

Once upon a time there was a very clever wolf who spotted some delicious looking grapes high up in a tree. The shrewd wolf tried everything to get at those grapes. He howled as he tried to learn to climb a tree,  he flung what he could at the grapes and he tried to shake the grapes loose.  But he couldn’t get the grapes. Eventually, he gave up, walked away and muttered, “sour grapes anyway!”

TWiT Employee Hilton could not be reached for comment
TWiT Employee Hilton could not be reached for comment

Diamond Club swept the 2015 Podcast Awards; Night Attack won two awards, DTNS won and Frogpants won, it was a Bona-fide shellacking.  Ever the bitter, ugly step sister, TWiT mods went on to tell their chat room that the trouncing  was the result of an illicit script and they all but accused <> of cheating. Had Elgun been nominated and subsequently lost, we expect he would have shifted the blame to Chinese hackers but alas TNT was not nominated. (Nominations may have been compromised by the Russians following the China model.)

Adam Curry succumbed to the propaganda and neglected his mission of propagating the truth, as he faithfully repeated the mantra about a magic script and the haters, on his No Agenda podcast. Even J.C.D., the 4th place winner of the ‘2014 Sexiest People in Tech award,’ complained about the haters. JCD, what if people claimed you were really only the 8th sexiest, how would you feel?  Why not just complain that Diamond Club fans have higher powered graphics cards and better track wheels in their mice?

It is fan voting and the fans voted, deal.

If #TotalDrama ever lost an award we would be gracious. I know this in my heart of hearts.

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  1. I’m pretty certain I’ve never been in the TWIT Brick house, and I’m very certain I wasn’t contacted in London about this post.

    If you need to know my actual involvement with TWIT, this is the story. I talked to Leo on the Tech Guy radio show, as a caller with a tech question (actually, it was a fake question, I just wanted to promote my website), and I’ve been listed on the TWIT website ever since. There aren’t a lot of atvantages to being black in the media world, so I feel OK taking the free PR and not making an issue out of it.

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      1. I call bullsh*t on that photo – it’s Elgan and his Photoshop wizardry. And don’t try and associate me with that train wreck they called MWC coverage. I’ve worked Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, and Christian Slater. I don’t do gum.

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  2. to be fair, diamond club did have a special bookmark interface that made daily voting incredibly easy. It wasn’t hitting, but it was pushing the envelope a bit. Nothing really wrong with that.

    Plus…mthey podcast awards are idiotic so who gives a shit anyway.

    By the way, anyone see Leo on twig with Gina? He made an off color joke when talking about something called half mo… He said (talking to his lesbian cohost) that you could do half o no one or homo).

    Classy, asshole.. Real classy…

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