What is this shit on Mike Elgan’s head?

Isn't somebody going to tell him that he looks like an ass?
Isn’t somebody going to tell him that he looks like an ass?

Reporting “live” like an idiot from a rooftop above a darkened Barcelona, it looks as if Mike Elgan thinks he’s landing planes, or directing a sniper operation with all those microphones and gadgets on top of his head.

Too bad all that gear couldn’t help him form any coherent thoughts or bolster his shit commentary. Mobile World Congress appears to be a total bust journalistically for the aging tech “reporter.” Better luck next time, Gumbot!

6 thoughts on “What is this shit on Mike Elgan’s head?”

  1. “Isn’t somebody going to tell him that he looks like an ass?”

    Well, he only “communicates” via a platform that has been recently neutered.

    This way, he will never know what an imbecile others consider him to be.

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  2. Why a rooftop at night? Does he think he’s Anderson Cooper in Baghdad?

    Oh right, he does think that. He’s literally the biggest douche ever.

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  3. Absolutely the worst camera work ever. Looks like Mikey has a gopro hanging from a rubber band on day 2.. Have a good time boys and girl/guy spend every nickel of leos money you can.

    Every bit you spend the less leo has to buy toys. I would get tired of him waving that junk in my face. Get even spend it.

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  4. It’s a plot. Leo wants a news gathering organization. Lisa wants to spend as little as possible on content whilst milking advertisers to the max.

    End result: Send incompetent team of (insert appropriate word) to remote site and then when it fails blame the trip. Not the idiots.

    Leo is bathing in naturebox and showering with Petaluma river water. He knows nothing.

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