Are you a disgruntled TWiT employee?

Are you a disgruntled former (or current) employee at TWiT? Do you want the #truth to come out? Well then, here’s your chance to have your side of the story told—anonymously. Are you tired of the damaging spin that Leo ‘n’ Lisa put on all the firings and layoffs? Are you currently an “off-site producer” for TWiT and just want to clear the air?

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Get the truth out, click on the "Feedback & Tips" button.
Get the truth out, click on the “Feedback & Tips” button.

Consider your safe-zone for free speech. We will take your story tip and weave it into a tale of such devastating truth, that Lisa’s tits will rattle and Leo will drop his soup spoon.

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Leo Laporte is ashamed of Petaluma

Leo Laporte is an idiot, and so was the idea to put his studio in the middle of nowhere.
Leo Laporte is an idiot, and so was the idea to put his studio in the middle of nowhere.

Leo Laporte (in case you didn’t know, he’s the fat stupid fuck who sits around dispensing shit tech advice) is now officially ashamed of where his network is located. On Saturday’s edition of “Theeeeee Tech Guy” a Spanish friend of the useless Johnny Jet asked Leo where he was located. Leo replied, “Northern California” and not “Petaluma” which he heretofore would always say.

It seems that it’s finally dawned on Laporte that telling people he lives in the middle of nowhere—when everybody else who’s successful lives in San Francisco—is harmful to his brand. Or maybe he’s just tired of explaining that his studio was built in an empty farm field.

Just a reminder that the speed of light is constant…

Hey, look! It's Marcus Elgumbummus, hero to the stupid and defender of bullshit tech news reading.
Hey, look! It’s Marcus Elgumbummus, hero to the stupid and defender of bullshit tech news “reporting.”

…and the speed at which Mike Elgan makes mistakes is also constant. In an epic blunderfest of blabbering bewilderment, Mark Elgam—or whatever the fuck his name is—gummed his way through another landmark “Tech News Today” broadcast. Thank God it’s the weekend. Mitch Gumbum (his name still escapes me) will at least have the weekend to recharge the vocal chord/brain link and give it another go on Monday. Best of luck, Mickey Gumdumb!

We were going to post a video of parts of the show today, but our video editor here at TotalDrama HQ refused to cooperate. It was all too much of a horror show for the poor little iMac to take; it was last seen booking a flight to Aruba for some much-needed rest and relaxation on a white sandy beach. (Only white beaches are allowed on TWiT in case you hadn’t noticed their racist guest policies.)

Leo Laporte Makes Shit Up for Ads and TWiT Constantly Shits on Its Sponsors

Thanks to an eagle eyed viewer/reader, we bring to you video proof, straight from the #soup’s mouth, of what we all know. #soup makes shit up and doesn’t care about the advertisers.

TWiT has long disrespected its advertisers, however. The editorial board here at Total Drama discussed this at our last meeting and we’ve had enough, so we decided to create a consolidated post to express our disappointment with the way TWiT disrespects its advertisers.

A former TWiT staffer (terminated without warning during the holidays by #soup) has provided us a current job listing on Craigslist for TWiT. They are anonymously hiring for a position using Craigslist instead of ZipRecruiter which they “LOOOOOOVVVVE” (Gum’s words). This ad will certainly be taken down soon after this post, so here’s what it looked like.

TWiT Craigslist Ad for Supervising Producer
TWiT Craigslist Ad for Supervising Producer originally at

Here’s how TWiT co-host Katie Brenner disrespects sponsor NatureBox on air.

And here’s how TWiT host Tonya Hall disrespects sponsor ZipRecruiter on-air.

And here’s how TWiT’s TNT host Mike Elgan trashes sponsor PayPal on-air.

And here’s how Leo trashes previous sponsor Citrix ShareFile on-air.

And here’s Leo making fun of Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans.

And here’s Leo claiming on-air that didn’t pay their bills.

So, if you choose to do business with TWiT as a sponsor, know what you’re getting into, and know that #soup loves to show his email on screen all the time, including the phone number of his soon-to-be stepchild (withheld because we are not monsters).

Leo's Inbox on Any Given Sunday
Leo’s Inbox on Any Given Sunday

Caveat emptor. You might be thrown under the bus next, and be assured, the humiliation will be televised.

To the douchebag commenters

Hey, assholes in the comments section who think the writers on this blog have no life: WE ADORE HATE-WATCHING THIS SHIT.

We can't get enough of the shit on TWiT.
We can’t get enough of the shit on TWiT.

Don’t you get it? This is fun for us. We don’t live in the basement and we have real lives. Just part of our real lives involves us making fun of ridiculous shit that happens on TWiT.

So repeat this to yourselves: If it’s on TWiT…it’s shit.

UPDATE: With the entrance of “Pope Francis” as a commenter, love has entered my heart and I wish to amend my above statement to say: “I welcome one and all to this lovely hatefest. Perhaps we could think of parts of this blog as more like E’s television’s ‘Fashion Police’ show but for TWiT. You know, where Kathy Griffin sits around and rips apart what the Hollywood stars are wearing to the award shows. But this time, it’s just TotalDrama remarking on what fresh garbage Leo ‘n’ Lisa have decided to dress their horrendous network in.”

Breaking News: Megan Morrone To Host TNT

Sharp-eyed viewers put this video up and here it is. The first announcement: Megan Morrone to host TNT.

After her wildly successful start at hosting TN2, it appears that Megan is taking over said network’s premier news anchor position.

Good luck, Megan!

Our only question is, “Where will Mike land?”

Update: Our favourite #twitlive chatter has chimed in with: [16:48:41] <Leo> yeah wednesday will be a coming out party

This cut-and-paster is not quite sure what that meant, but I understand posting anything will engender more clicks.

The legend lives on in varied form

As we at TotalDrama are still coming to grips with the confirmed passing of Erik Lanigan, it is hopeful to take notice that the legend of the suspended Twitter account @LeoLaporteSucks lives on in another form. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with immense pride that we present to you the successor to LLS, the amazing @OhLeoYouSuck.

Here’s a sample of his dedication to advancing the cause of #truth:

God Bless you, whoever you are! We wish you nothing but success and a smooth road ahead.